Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Relationships & Dating: Why Women Should Date Like A Man

   If there is one piece of advice I’ve taken seriously from Sex and the City it is to date like a man. Samantha Jones gave this golden nugget of advice and I couldn’t agree more. Often women and dating are part of an age-old double standard. Society and the way women are viewed play a big part in this. Dating like a man just means dating several people at once. It seems men can date as many women as they want at any given time and their revered by their friends. If a woman does it then she’s looked down upon and called names but you know what I say? Do it! Date and date a lot. How the hell else are you going to find the ever so coveted Mr. Right.  

   I don’t mean go out and have sex with every guy you meet but date a few guys you may be interested in and weed out the bad ones. Why waste your time on one guy when he may not be worth your time and effort. You wouldn’t keep only one pair of shoes in your closet in hopes that it will work out so why would you only keep one guy on hand.

   There are just a few rules you should follow if you’re going to do this. If you’re going to date like a man then do it the right way. Let each guy know that you are not dating him exclusively. That way each party understands that it’s not serious so no one gets their feelings hurt. This goes for you too. You can’t expect to date several guys at once and think you’re their only one. After all they’ve got to find Ms. Right too.

   Definitely set ground rules with each guy. You don’t want them getting too comfortable to the point they think they can just pop up at your house with no notice. That’s when things get extremely messy and ladies we don’t do messy.

   Once you feel that one of the men you’re dating has more potential than the others then let the other ones go and become exclusive with that one and that one only and see where it goes.

   There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing the field. Do not let society dictate how you live your life. The ones with the most to say are the friends that have already settled down happily married with kids. What may have worked for them may not work for you. I know women that have been married for years to their high school sweethearts but I didn’t have such luck. I met my husband by dating like a man. My husband stood out from the others and I saw his potential. Was I the only person he was seeing back then? Nope I sure wasn’t but when we decided there could be a future we became exclusive and the rest is as they say history.

   So give it a try. Date like a guy and see where it takes you. You may not find Mr. Right at first but at least you’ll have fun in the process.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Get Ready for Valentine's Day With This On-Trend Beauty Routine

   With February fourteenth right around the corner, the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day look is on. Whether you're preparing a romantic evening for two or planning on popping bubbly with the girls, this quick and easy beauty routine will create a glowing, lovestruck look.

Step 1: Sparkly Red Lip

   We know, we know—a red lip for Valentine’s Day is far from groundbreaking, but there’s one tiny ingredient that’ll take that crimson color from been-there-done-that territory to completely in-the-moment, and that's glitter. Like ruby slippers for your face, a sparkly red lip makes the ultimate statement. And what better time to draw the attention to your mouth than V-Day? The first step is to choose a deep red base color, apply generously, and follow with a clear gloss. Next, dab fine red makeup glitter onto your lips with a brush, starting in the center and moving outwards. Clean up the edges with masking tape (to grab any glitter gone astray).

Step 2: A Matte Eye

   To balance the intense shimmer of your ruby red glitter lip, a matte eye is a must. But just because it doesn’t contain any sparkle doesn’t mean that your eye makeup has to be subtle. This year is all about smudgy, imperfect eyes—liner is either degraded on the bottom lash line or lined only in the center of the eyes for an unfinished look. To create the purposefully lived-in feel, use black kohl liner in the waterline and along the last line, then mess it up with q-tips. Leave lids bare or dab on a light orange eye gloss for a hint of soft color.

Step 3: Not-So-Basic Curls

   If tousled, touchable curls come to mind when you think of romantic hairstyles, we’re one hundred percent with you. To get those short, soft curls, start with a thin flat iron (around one inch) and wrap hair away from the face, working in small sections. After curling, gently tug on the curl to stretch and loosen the shape just a bit. Repeat for the rest of your hair, alternating the direction you wrap each piece. Once you’ve finished the bottom half of your hair, twist both sides back and pull random sections into a bun, securing with bobby pins where needed. Leave a few stray curls at the front to frame your face. For another take on wavy hair that’s anything but basic, opt for a half-up top knot style that leaves your curls free at the bottom.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tarteist Clay Paint Liner Review

   Fun fact about me… I love eyeliner! It took me a while to master the whole winged liner thing but since I have, I don’t leave the house without my wings. I don’t care how long it takes me to get them even.

   I have grown accustom to gel liners. A good one will dry fast and stay put all day! I think I’ve found my dream liner and it’s from Tarte!

   It’s the Tarteist Clay Paint Liner! I got 2 of them in my Christmas stocking in the colors black and bronze along with an angled liner brush. I wanted to try them out for a little while before I gave my full opinion now here it is.

   They glide on really smooth. You know how sometimes you try to apply your liner and it either skips or the line looks a little jagged? I get a great application each and every time. Even the brush is perfect. I really like the size of the brush and I also noticed the product doesn’t make the bristles hard if I don’t clean it after each use. 

   The liner is also pretty pigmented and dries down matte so it doesn’t have that shine too it like some liners do. The best part of the Tarteist Clay Paint Liner is once I do my makeup which is usually 6am my liner stays put until I take it off each night.

   I haven’t used too many products from Tarte but so far everything I have used is pretty amazing. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Korean Skincare Products Review

   I’ve been kind of obsessed with skin care over the last few months. Don’t get me wrong I know the importance of taking care of my skin but it’s become even more of a priority to me once I started getting weird unexplainable breakouts. Which by the way are not cute or fun!
   Anyway, a while back I did a “Get unready with me” video on my YouTube channel. I showed how I remove my makeup and cleaned my face after caking it all on for a separate tutorial.

   I just like everyone else in the world like to watch reviews and I buy a lot of things based on other people. Isn’t that the reason for reviews and unboxings?? Anyway, I came across a few videos of people using Korean skin care products. I was a little leery for all of 3 seconds then I hoped my butt on Amazon and got to ordering.

   I ordered 2 things. Hell Pore Clean Up mask and a CarbonatedBubble Clay mask. Together I think I paid less than $20 for them together. The first thing I did was have a friend over for a girls’ night and we tried out both masks… in our PJs…. On Snapchat (mylegendarystyl)! Most of my antics take place over there.

   I was mostly afraid to try the Hell Pore mask (the name alone is scary as hell) because it’s a peel and I’ve seen it bring grown women to tears. It goes on nice and cool. I did a pretty thing application because I figured the thicker it is the more painful it would be to peel off… I was right. The only problem was it was so thin it was hard to grip and peel off. The second time I tried it a few weeks later I did it a lot thicker and it peeled off almost in one whole piece. And guess what?!?! It didn’t hurt at all! Now I’m not saying it won’t hurt you or anyone else I just think some people have sensitive skin and most women do have those little almost invisible hairs on their faces. So there’s that. My face feels so smooth and a little bit tight (but in a good way) after each use. It’s not drying and feels amazing.

   The Carbonated Bubble mask is my favorite. My skin feels tighter than with the other mask and even has a fresher appearance after I use it. The only thing I can do without is all of the bubbling. It feels a little creepy but not as bad as other bubble masks I’ve tried.

   Overall these are both my new go tos when I need a good deep cleaning each week. If you want something affordable and fun definitely try these. I'm also thinking about making a video on how to use these masks. What's the strangest skincare item you've ever purchased? Leave a comment below! I'd love to try more of these!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year #2017

   I used to think that Christmas was my favorite day of the year. It probably was at some point but today as I spent hours playing with my kids, cleaning the house, setting off fireworks and having a few drinks I soon realized that today… new year’s eve is my favorite day of the year.

   I think it has something to do with feeling like I am in complete control of my life. I feel like anything and everything is possible. I can leave the old year behind me and look forward to a promising year ahead.

   2016 was not a really good year for me… let’s face it, 2016 wasn’t a good year for many people. However, after a lot of thought I realized I wasn’t being completely fair. It may have been a year of bad events but the good outweighed the bad. I have had so many good things happen to me, a few great people come into my life and the best thing of all is I survived every single awful thing that came my way. If anything I’m stronger for it.

   The last thing I want to do is drag any baggage from last year into my nice, shiny, new year. So at midnight I’m writing a list if everything I need to let go of. Fears, bad moments and sad memories and I’m going to burn that list and not think of those things ever again. It may be easier said than done but it’s time to move on and look ahead to better things to come.

Happy New Year,

Make it a good one.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Round Up & Giveaway Winner Announcement

  Today is the end of 12 Days of Blogmas until next year. I really hope you were able to find inspiration in the posts created by each of us and feel in the holiday spirit. Feel free to click back through all of the posts and share with your friends and family as we have shared with you.

   All of these women are incredibly talented and I hope you continue to follow each of us even after the holidays.

   Now for what I'm sure everyone has been waiting for!! The winner of the 12 Days of Blogmas giveaway!!

                             Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Valerie Hall!!!! Congratulation and thank you for entering. I hope you enjoy the awesome prizes!!! For anyone interested in the amazing sponors for this giveaway each of them is listed below!

4 $50 Gift Cards
JORD Watches
Gift Card
AMI ClubWear
Kids Lightup Animal
My Blend Smoothie Maker
Play Makeup Set
Little Cosmetics
Spicy Box of Awesome
Fuego Box
Set of paint sticks
Smile Brilliant Kit
Smile Brilliant
This May Be Wine cup + Starbucks gift card
Fab Flares
Gift Card
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
1 Game
Set Games
Essential Oil Recipe Box
Simply Earth
Natural Organic Lipstick
Axiology Beauty
Kuisiware OneSpin Salad Spinner
Zeust Barbecue Grill Light
Bracelet and earrings set
Revel Designs by Shelly
Childrens Book signed by author
Danielle Soucy Mills
Gift Card
Baby Cubby
White Wipes Teeth Wipes (for wine and coffee lovers)
White Wipes
2 Personalized Phone Cases
1 Framed Print + $15 Starbucks Gift Card
That’s What She Said Quote Shop
Gift card
Little Italy Layette

   Now it's time for a party! The Blogmas bloggers have been sharing our posts with you all for over a week. It's time to share your favorite holiday related posts with us!!! Just ad your link below! I can't wait to read them!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!




Monday, December 12, 2016

My Christmas Traditions

   Ahhh Christmas traditions. I didn’t have any growing up. As a child my family and I moved around waaay too much for something so normal. Now that I’m an adult with a family of my own and stability I feel like I need to force some traditions on my kids. Like I wish I had.

   For Christmas we have a few fun and not so fun traditions. Ya see, every year I gather all of the food and the menu for Christmas dinner and have everyone come in the kitchen to help prepare at least one of the dishes. And every year I end up screaming at everyone to get the hell out of my kitchen and stop sabotaging my wonderful meal. That’s the not so fun tradition and well I haven’t learned my lesson because it keeps happening and I should just ban everyone from dinner duties… like forever!

   On to the fun stuff! Every year I get a Ginger bread house making kit. Yes, unlike other moms who bake the Ginger bread from scratch and the homemade icing and blah, blah, blah ain’t nobody got time for that. So as I was saying, I buy the kit and we sit and build the house together and after about 5 minutes of “OOhhhhh” and “Aaaahhh” I let the kids get a sugar high from devouring the house.

   But, my all time favorite tradition is on Christmas eve night we all pile up in the living room with our blankets and pillows. Hot cocoa and sugar cookies in hand as we watch The Polar Express in the dark! Once it’s over we all laugh and talk about the movie like it was our first time watching it. Then we go online and check the Santa Tracker to see where he’s at! After that we all try our best to wind down and go to bed as quietly as we can and wait to hear sleigh bells.

    We’ve done all of those things for as long as I can remember but our newest tradition one that means the absolute most… My Christmas baby turns 3 this year. For her first birthday we spent the morning and part of the afternoon opening gifts and celebrating Christmas. Later on in the day we decorated the house for her birthday and had her party complete with gifts in birthday wrapping paper. I refuse for her to feel shorted just because she was born on a holiday.

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