Monday, June 26, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

 By now all makeup addicts know that Urban Decay has released a new Naked palette. Not everyone has welcomed the idea of yet another addition to the Naked family with open arms. I've heard some negative feedback as well as positive from the beauty community but was determined to find out for myself.

   Of the previous Naked palettes I own the 1, 3 and Basics. I like them all but 3 has always been my most liked simply because I find the color scheme romantic while the Basics was what I wore the most simply because the colors were more wearable for my line of work at the time.

   Enter the Naked Heat. At first sight on the Urban Decay Facebook page I fell in lust. Without a swatch or seeing it in person I knew I had to have it. As soon as I got it in the mail I knew I made the right decision.

    The packaging is beautiful and nothing like the other palettes. The box is hard and the outside colors mimic the shades inside. As always it comes with its own brush... Double sided no less.

   Take note that the shadows are perfect for every skin tone. They are so rich and creamy making this palette a must have for everyone! The thing I love the most is the Naked Heat is finally a palette for us girls with darker skin. The other Naked palettes limited us on looks we could create with them. The Heat is perfect for my skin tone and I can see myself reaching for this palette more than any other.

   The only thing I don't agree with is that it is a part of the Naked collection. I feel that the Heat palette can stand in a class by itself.

                                                    I'll be swooning over this one for a while.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Makeup Minute: Tarte Kiss & Blush Palette and Double Ended lip & cheek Brush

   I know my last Makeup Minute was also for Tarte but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. Like always I was on the Sephora app and saw the Tarte Kiss and Blush palette and Double ended Cheek and Lip brush and immediately had to get them.

   First of all I'm a sucker for great packaging and Tarte seems to be getting it right for the entire Rainforest of the Sea collection. The shades of purple and blue along with gold is perfect! The color scheme and design is reminiscent of a tropical getaway.

   The palette is made up of  five beautiful colors made to be used as a cream blush and doubles as lipsticks. There is definitely a color to compliment any skin tone. To bring it all together is a gorgeous cream highlight right in the middle.

   To apply it perfectly is the gorgeous double ended brush made to go perfectly with the palette.

   I feel like these are must haves for the summer months.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hollywood's Reigning Best Actress Is A Perfect Beauty Role Model

   If you tend to be a close follower of Hollywood celebrities there's a good chance you tuned in for the Academy Awards back in February. It’s always a great time for the stars to strut their best stuff, and while the following day always brings about a bunch of “best and worst looks” articles, I'm here to focus on the positives!

   La La Land star Emma Stone played a big role on the red carpet and at the show itself. The story behind her winning look is one that any self-respecting fashionista ought to enjoy hearing. Attending the show as a representative of La La Land, Stone was careful to embrace classic designs and beauty tricks. She reportedly wore one of the last Givenchy gowns designed by the legendary Riccardo Tisci, and worked with her beauty team to adopt a sort of “old Hollywood” glamour, circa 1930. The result was lovely from top to bottom—and it needed to be!

   Stone wasn’t just attached to the 2017 Oscars because La La Land was in the running for Best Picture. The young actress was the favorite for Best Actress, which may speak to why she put such care into developing the perfect look. As movie fans and celebrity watchers are probably aware, she took home the top prize and looked great when she accepted the award.

   But while Stone was the Hollywood icon for one night, her short history as a celebrity has revealed a balanced and healthy approach to beauty. Comments in the last few years have shown her to be part of a trend of young stars embracing the beauty tips and tricks available to celebrities without getting twisted ideas about body image or self-love. You can’t help but think it makes her an ideal role model for young women that want to be secure and strive for traditional beauty at the same time.

   Long before she was Hollywood’s Best Actress, Stone talked about image and what it means to her when people are critical of each other’s weight and beauty. She seems to have reached a place where she recognizes that most criticism is projection, and that those calling out others for being overweight, underweight, or whatever are usually revealing their own insecurities.

   This is how Stone rose above body image-related criticism. She even admitted that it’s helped her to try to eliminate gossip from her own tendencies. Her take is not the traditional celebrity “everybody is beautiful” take that can come across as kind of pretentious. Stone seems like she has a healthy understanding of where criticism comes from and how to make the most of it.

   Even so, the actress isn’t afraid to talk about the effort she puts into her own image and there are some good tips there. She’s talked about her own love of makeup, and how she came to realize she couldn’t do close to as good a job as the pros. She’s talked about how she deals with dry skin and hair, and what some of her must-have beauty items are. It’s the kind of beauty advice we always want from celebrities, and to get it from someone so thoroughly grounded in realistic image concerns is a treat.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Origins My Perfect World Event with Influenster #MyPerfectWorld

   Alright so I got invited to the My Perfect world event at Origins from Influenster. Now if you don't know who or what Influenster is it's an awesome program where you can get free beauty products to review. They go by how big your social network is and that determines what they send you and how often they send you things. So I was really excited to get a box of samples of Origins products from Influenster along with that box of goodies I received an invite to go to the Origins store. There were five events in 25 cities. The event was the launch of some of their new products and to learn more about Origins.

    I'll be completely honest, I have heard of Origins but I had never used their products so I was super thrilled to receive the invite. Here where I live in Tampa the event was held at International mall. It's the beautiful mall with a lot of high end stores so is the perfect place to hold an event like this.

   The store is really cute. It's small and quaint. Their products are made out of natural ingredients so none of it's going to be bad for your skin.
At the event there were three stations set up. One for mini facials, an artist doing charcoal caricatures and a tea leaf reader. You could just show up or to get a facial you had to RSVP. I was kinda bummed when I got there because even though I rsvp'd and I had a ticket on my phone my name wasn't on the list. So that sucked but they said they would do their best to squeeze me in for a mini-facial.

   I decided to pass on the facial and sign up for the Tea Leaf reader. While I was waiting for her I looked around the store and grabbed some goodies. An added benefit of being with Influenster was they gave you 20% off your purchase and if you spent $45 you got some free items.

Free gift with $45 purchase

   I picked up the clear Improvement active charcoal mask. It's to help clear your pores and it's awesome for oily skin. If you've been a reader of mine for any time now you’ll know I have super oily skin. I also purchased the Original skin Retexturizing mask with rose clay. The other thing I purchased is Zero Oil Purifying toner with saw palmetto and mint. It's a toner for combination to oily skin that smells amazing!

   Since it has been a few weeks since the event I’ve had time to use each product a few times. I love using natural products! I really like everything I purchased. My skin looks refreshed, is super soft and feels clean. The Retexturizing mask has small Jojoba beads in it that’s gentle enough to exfoliate a few times a week.

   Overall the My Perfect World event was pretty nice and I had a good time. The tea leaf reader was very cool and gave me some pretty good insight and advice.
I made a video a while back titled “Get unready with me” and people really liked it. Since then I have changed up my skin care routine so I may make an updated one.

If you’d like to sign up for Influenster you can check them out here.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

My First Yoga Experiance

   I just tried yoga for the first time. I’ve talked about it for the longest and just never got around to it. Well my job offers it twice a week and it’s literally a 3 second walk from my desk so I had no reason not to do it.

    First I just want to give props to everyone out there that does yoga on a regular basis.

   What I was expecting was a nice quiet atmosphere with a lot of relaxation techniques and meditation. Well I was partially right. However, nowhere in my mind was I ready for what I got.

   The work that goes into contorting your body into those poses and the dedication to hold each pose for a period of time was werk!! My body was sore the whole time but in a good way.

   I seriously had to focus to keep my balance and ignore the sweat and pain. I pushed myself at times when I wanted to give up and just lay on my mat but my mind would not let me do it!

   The instructor was kind and took her time with each of us. Her encouragement was very much needed! 

   I went into class not having the best day. I felt kind of down and really just wanted to be anywhere but at work. Yoga class was at noon and a let me tell you, when I came out of that class I was not the same person that went in.

   Even now two days later parts of my body are still sore but it doesn’t hurt. I feel muscles ache that I honestly don’t think I use on a regular basis.

   Some of the benefits of yoga are it tones your body and strengthens your muscles, increases flexibility, it boosts your endurance and a ton of other things including improved mental health. I took a way some things from this class that will be helpful just getting through every day life but one thing is balance. The same balance it took to get through that class is the same balance I need in my day to day life. I feel like balance is the key to many things/ 

cute yoga pants
Nothing wrong with hella cute yoga pants

I highly recommend trying a yoga class if you haven’t already. If you have let me know your favorite poses down in the comments.  

Photo credit: Photo via VisualHunt

Friday, April 28, 2017

Makeup Minute: Tarte Magic Wand Brushes

    I purchase new makeup all the time. More often than I care to admit. However, I usually forget to share it with you guys which is a major fail on my part because after all this is partially a beauty blog.

   I want to start a new feature called “Makeup Minute”.  It’s a working title but I want to show you what’s new or just new to me. Occasionally I’ll add a quick little review if I’ve already been using the product.

   This Makeup Minute is about the new Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Magic Wands brush set. While they look more like colorful unicorn horns (there’s even unicorns on the wrapping paper) they are by far the prettiest brushes I have ever seen. They’re as soft as they are pretty!!

   They cost $39 and when I went back to the Sephora web site they were not only sold out but taken down completely. I’ll update you when/if they come back into stock.
I like this brush set so much I keep them on display, I refuse to use them! And ruin all that pretty? I think not!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: Affordable Fashion You Can Customize with eShakti

     Alright ladies you are going to love this one. You know how you try to find really nice, quality clothes and you end up finding something that you're going to spending an arm and a leg on or it's going to be cheap quality and it's going to fall apart as soon as you wash it one time? Well I have a company that I have been a fan of for a few years now and that’s eShakti

   The reason why I like them so much is because not only are their clothes nice but you're not going to find anything like what they have anywhere else and the best part is the clothes are customizable. What that means is you go on their web site, find something that you like and you can have it customized to fit you perfectly like it was made just for you. 

   For example, the dress that I'm wearing in these pictures is the striped cotton knit belted maxi dress. Now for a girl like me I'm kind of tall, I’m five foot ten and it's really hard to find a dress long enough for me and when I say I like long dresses I mean I really like long dresses. So, I saw this dress and immediately I fell in love with it because I saw the model wearing it and saw how long it was on her and knew that I had to have it. Some of my favorite parts about this dress besides how long it is… I love the cinched waist and by the way… the belt comes with it. Another thing that I'm crazy about is pockets on dresses. It literally has everything that I love. 

   The process of ordering your clothes is easy. Once you’ve decided on what you want to buy it gives you the option to keep things the same or make changes. You can change the sleeves, neckline, length etc. The shipping was super-fast too! Where else can you do that with such affordable prices?!? The sweeties over at eShakti were nice enough to give my stylish readers a discount code for 10% off from now until 04/30/2017. Just use “legendarystyles” at check out. Be sure to share it with your friends and maybe buy something nice for someone you love. You know Mother’s Day will be here before you know it!

I’d love to see what you all get so tag me on Instagram

 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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