Monday, October 9, 2017

Review: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

   I know the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette has been out for weeks now but that's not going to stop me from sharing my thoughts with you. If you don't know who Huda Kattan is it is quite possible you live under a rock or you're just not that into the beauty industry. Huda is the most influential beauty influencer in the world. She started out blogging, sharing her tip and tricks much like the rest of us and she took off from there. The Desert Dusk palette is not the first makeup item Huda has produced but it quickly became my favorite! The packaging alone is beautiful enough to put on display.  

Without flash

   The Desert Dusk palette is made up of 18 swoon-worthy shades. With a combination of mattes, shimmers and an unbelievable pressed glitter you're bound to have endless looks!!! Huda went all out and gave us our moneys worth ($65 to be exact) with this palette. The colors blend well and are super pigmented which is what we all hope for in a palette of this caliber.

With flash

   One of the best things about this palette is it will look good on any skin tone. Sometimes we'll buy a palette we're really excited for only to be let down because it's not suitable for darker skin tones such as mine. Some palettes will only have a couple of colors I can wear but the Desert Dusk palette is absolutely perfect and I couldn't be happier with it.

   If you've used any of Huda's products let me know which ones and your thoughts. If not but you love her beauty tips leave your favorite in the comments below.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

6 Things Not To Do In A Relationship

   I’m no relationship expert but I’ve been in enough shitty ones to know what NOT to do and what doesn’t work. I’m no saint. I’ve messed up plenty of times but I’ve also been on the flip side of that. I believe if you’re dating or married the same deal breakers apply. The only difference is when you’re married you’ve got more at stake. Some people say a relationship is work. Others say it’s not work if you’re with the right person. I say there is no right or wrong answer. I’ve dated and I’m currently married. In all cases some days were easier than others and some days felt like a double shift at a job you can’t wait to quit. I don’t know every thing but I do know what not to do in a relationship if you want it to last.

Not get to know each other
   This seems like a no brainer but let me explain. When we meet someone we can fall for outward appearances and go by what they tell us. Everyone has layers that need to be peeled back in order to really get to know someone. Nothing can ruin a relationship faster than investing time in someone that isn’t who you thought they were or come to find out you have completely different beliefs.
Instead: Don’t rush things. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions. I recently came across this New York Times article about psychologist Arthur Aron. He apparently has a knack for helping people fall in love. His claim to fame? Asking your potential mate 36 particular questions to help you fall in love. Which basically goes back to… get to know each other!

Not spend time together
   This can be hard especially if you’ve got young kids. Couples get busy with work and their lives outside of their partners and they unintentionally start spending less and less time together causing them to drift apart.
Instead: Make time for one another. If you have to set a standing date night at least once a week where it’s just the two of you and reconnect. If you have kids choose a night when they are fast asleep and just chill on the couch and talk. Or put money aside for a sitter once a month and go out and enjoy each other’s company.

Not Sleep Together
   I don’t mean sex. I mean actually not sleeping together. When we get mad it’s an instinct to either leave the room or tell our spouse to sleep on the couch. After all we need our space right? Nope. Going to bed angry is one thing but going to bed separately may cause more space than you really want.
Instead: Even if you’re still angry and the issue hasn’t been resolved sleep on it but don’t sleep apart. It may bring you even closer and help you move past the problem if you can get through the night in the same bed.

Not communicate
   It’s easy to shut down and try to ignore our problems. Talking can be pretty uncomfortable. I think that’s why a lack of communication is such a big issue for couples. Some times it’s just easier not to talk about certain topics and just hope any issues that may arise just blow over.
Instead: We need to open up no matter how uncomfortable it may be. If talking isn’t your or your partner’s strong suit find another way to communicate. Do it in writing if you have to. Sit down and write out everything you have to say. It may be easier than talking because you won’t feel rushed or get interrupted if your partner doesn’t agree with what you have to say.

Not ask how their day was
   You haven’t seen your partner all day. You’re tired, they’re tired. You’re pretty sure their day was the same, as always so you don’t bother asking how their day was.
Instead: Show them that you really do care. Regardless if your spouse stays home caring for the kids all day or they have a monotonous job where it’s the same thing day in and day out ask them how their day was and actually listen to what they have to say. It shows you care about them even when they’re not with you.

Not put anyone before your spouse
   This is really a case-by-case basis. If you’re in middle of a conversation with your partner and your BFF calls or you're playing on your phone it’s just plain rude but when you constantly do it to your spouse it can be a real relationship killer.
Instead: If it’s not an emergency and your friend stops by unannounced, your sister calls to gossip or anything else that is unimportant while in the midst of spending time with your partner politely let them know “Hey I was in the middle of something I’ll call you back.” Or “I’ll stop by later”. Make your partner feel like they mean more to you than Joe Blow down the street.

   Like I said, I’m no relationship expert but I have been in some good and not so good relationships. I’ve also made mistakes but I’ve learned from them. If I can help anyone from the mistakes I’ve made then great! Glad I can help. You can repay me by sending me a bottle of wine.

Have any relationship advice? Leave it down in the comments and let's get a discussion going!

Photo credit: annajuliesh via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Monday, August 28, 2017

7 Things To Do Before Having Kids

   I’ll start this by saying kids are great. There is nothing in the world like giving birth to another human being. The experience is a blessing and it’s life changing. I really do mean it is life changing. Once you become a parent you have another person that you are responsible for. Spontaneity no longer exists. I totally believe you can still do what ever you want once you have kids but you now have to plan everything around this little person. So if your goal is to have kids one day there are some things I highly recommend you do before that day comes.

Travel the world
   You may already have a place in mind. Whether you want to go to a fancy Bed and Breakfast in Georgia, spend a week in an Italian villa or back pack across Europe you need to do it before you have kids. Imagine having to get passports for a whole family and then trying to sight see once you get to your destination. Not to mention the small fortune it would cost. Do it now then when you do have kids you’ll have awesome stories to tell.

Go to school
   This may seem like a no brainer but a lot of people think it’s best to take time off after high school. It starts off as one year and turns in to many more. Then before you know it you’re trying to juggle school and kids while trying to keep your sanity. Go to school; get your education so you can secure a good future for not only yourself but your little ones as well.

Live alone
   Many people get a roommate or two to save money and that is the smart thing to do when you’re first starting out on your own but then you go from a roommate to living with your significant other and next thing you know you’ve got a full blown family. Take the time to live by yourself. There is nothing like waking up in your own home with no one to answer to. Hell walking around naked is a pleasure that gets taken for granted. If you take some time for yourself to live alone you’ll be so glad you did once you have kids.

Appreciate your body
   It’s ok to take care of yourself but don’t obsess with how you look right now. Chances are you are beautiful and just being extremely hard on yourself. Once you have kids and your body changes you’re going to wish you appreciated your post baby body and realize you didn’t look bad after all.

Save your money
   Again, another no brainer but saving money is usually something people don’t think about until the baby is already on the way and at that point it gets kind of hard because the money is getting spent faster than it can be made. Having a baby is expensive, raising a kid costs even more so make sure you’re financially prepared so you can enjoy your new bundle of joy instead of being stressed out about how to take care of it. 

Get to know your spouse
   Much like living by yourself is important it’s also important for you and your spouse to live alone before having kids so you can get to know one another. Spend time with just the two of you and develop a bond. Once baby comes along you really will only have each other to depend on and that bond will keep you together when things get stressful.

Have fun
   It’s a lot harder to party and be hung over the next day when you have kids. So live your life and have fun. Life will still be fun once you have a family but it will be a different kind of fun. So party, get shit faced and then enjoy the silence as you suffer from a hang over the next day with no kids to bother you asking for breakfast.

   These are just some of the things I think are important to do before having kids but I highly recommend you make your own list of goals and start checking them off your list. Don’t worry if you don’t get them all done. At least once you become a parent you’ll have an adorable little partner to tackle the rest of your list with.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fashion Tips For The Busy Mom

   Mom is a title that carries a lot of weight and is full of so much responsibility. We spend most of our days tending to the needs of others we can easily forget about our own needs and ourselves. As moms we tend to look as exhausted as we feel but we don’t have to. With just a few basic pieces of clothing, some accessories and a little time you can look like an off duty model instead of an on duty mom. 

   Let’s start with the basics. Believe it or not a pair of great fitting jeans and a simple t-shirt is the foundation for a put together look. When choosing your denim go for what is comfortable for you. If you’re not into the latest trends, then don’t attempt them. Hey, distressed denim is not for everyone. Your t-shirt can be a plain solid color or it can be a vintage band tee just make sure it’s not too tight, too short or too long.  I like mine to go to mid hip.  

Every day outfits

 If you’re running around doing errands with the kids opt for cute and comfortable shoes. My favorites are white low top converse. They are comfy, easy to clean and always in style.

All white Chucks

I stopped using diaper bags a long time ago. Big bulky bags with characters on them just didn’t cut it for me. Instead I just carry a large purse with me that can double as a diaper bag. The key is it has to have a lot of inside compartments.

   The next step is makeup. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Where am I going to find the time to apply makeup?” Have a “go to” look. A signature look is a real time saver. Once you’ve done it so many times you begin to get into a rhythm and it becomes second nature to you. What may have started out as a 30-minute process can become 10 once you’ve mastered it. My go to look? Polished brows, dark lips, winged liner and lots and lots of mascara!

   To take your look from day to night is easier than you’d think. Simply dress it up with a pair of heels and a statement necklace. 

    I hope you find this advice to be of some help. Give it a try and I bet all the moms at the next PTA meeting will be wanting to know how you look so good!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Why #relationshipgoals is Unhealthy

  As I scan my social media time lines I’ve been seeing a hashtag running rampant on the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Apparently not of the hottest things around is #RelationshipGoals accompanied by a picture of an adorably cute couple doing cutsie things like cuddling, on a date holding hands or simply watching TV together. Do I think every couple should have relationship goals? Yes, I do. However, I do not think those goals need to be based off of a picture of another couple.

Behind the Scenes
   There was a time that seemed like forever ago I would see other couples and think to myself “They are so adorable I would love a relationship like that.” Then over time the relationships that I wanted to emulate began to unravel at the seams. Everything we on the outside of these relationships are seeing only what these couples wanted us to see but on the inside there was infidelity, unhealthy amounts of fighting and many other things that were well hidden until it couldn’t be hidden anymore. I couldn’t believe I was Naïve enough to try and strive to be like someone else when they had problems of their own.

Social Media Will Make You Feel Bad
   Nowadays with social media we get to see a glimpse into other people’s lives but again, it is only what they want us to see. While we scroll through Facebook and see all of the pictures of flowers or read the status updates about “How Bae is the best ever. I love him so much.” We oohh and ahh at them and silently wish for the love that they have but we don’t know what’s really going on. We don’t see that the flowers were sent because Bae didn’t come home last night. Too many times have I seen lovey dovey status updates from a couple I know but in real life I’ve seen first hand the turmoil of their relationship.

Make Your Own Goals
   It’s all right to take certain aspects of a person’s life and want to adjust it to fit your life. For example a couple worked really hard to buy a new house or brand new cars. Or someone just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Work towards those kind of goals but It’s important to sit down with your significant other and set achievable goals for your own relationship. Don’t try to mirror someone else’s relationship when all you’re really getting is little glimpses into their lives and not able to see the full picture. You could be striving for something that you might not really want.

    I want to be clear and say not all couples on social media are creating a façade but it’s always best to find who makes you happy and create your own  #RelationshipGoals.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Giving You More Of Me & Rebranding

   I've been blogging since October 2012. I've been writing since before I can remember. Over the past 5 years, I've put a lot into this blog or as I like to refer to it as my little corner of the internet. In that time I've done everything from write every day to not write for weeks at a time.   From the end of June til now has been one of those silent times. It's not that I've lost a love of writing or reviewing beauty products and giving you makeup tutorials... it's just that I'm more than that... much more. 

   I haven't given you all I have to give. I haven't given you my full authentic self. So I've been trying to decide just how to do that, I finally figured it out. Besides being a makeup artist and clothing designer I am also a mother of 7 and a wife. I had a separate blog where I shared all of my family stories and advice on motherhood but it was a lot of work and something that was supposed to be fun and helpful became an overwhelming task that I stepped away from completely.

   So I have decided to rebrand just a little. While I won't be flooding your timelines and shoving parenting articles down your throats there will be a good mix of the usual beauty and fashion along with some new things. This will also open the door to me taking a lot more guest posts. I really want to build a solid community. 

   I feel good about the changes that are on the way and I hope you'll stick around, comment and share everything I have to give.


Monday, June 26, 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

 By now all makeup addicts know that Urban Decay has released a new Naked palette. Not everyone has welcomed the idea of yet another addition to the Naked family with open arms. I've heard some negative feedback as well as positive from the beauty community but was determined to find out for myself.

   Of the previous Naked palettes I own the 1, 3 and Basics. I like them all but 3 has always been my most liked simply because I find the color scheme romantic while the Basics was what I wore the most simply because the colors were more wearable for my line of work at the time.

   Enter the Naked Heat. At first sight on the Urban Decay Facebook page I fell in lust. Without a swatch or seeing it in person I knew I had to have it. As soon as I got it in the mail I knew I made the right decision.

    The packaging is beautiful and nothing like the other palettes. The box is hard and the outside colors mimic the shades inside. As always it comes with its own brush... Double sided no less.

   Take note that the shadows are perfect for every skin tone. They are so rich and creamy making this palette a must have for everyone! The thing I love the most is the Naked Heat is finally a palette for us girls with darker skin. The other Naked palettes limited us on looks we could create with them. The Heat is perfect for my skin tone and I can see myself reaching for this palette more than any other.

   The only thing I don't agree with is that it is a part of the Naked collection. I feel that the Heat palette can stand in a class by itself.

                                                    I'll be swooning over this one for a while.

   Be sure to follow me on Snapchat. I've been hanging out on there a lot more lately and I show all of my nee stuff there first!
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