It's a woMAN's world???

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, the family or the career? It’s funny to think that in the year 2012 it is still a man’s world. Women have come a really long way from aprons and PTA meetings to owning their own business. But are we taken seriously yet? When a woman focuses on her education and her career and has no kids or a husband,  people always want to know….what about a family? Don’t you want to settle down and have kids? It’s these people that need to realize a man and kids does not define a woman. Then on the other side of the double edged sword; you have the working moms who are doing everything they can to be the perfect wife and mother and at the same time be an entrepreneur, then you get asked; how do you do it? What about your family, don’t they need you? Truth is, something is going to suffer. Not everyone or everything is always going to have your undivided attention. So what do you do? Have the career then the family or the family and then try to squeeze in a career? Isn’t a woman supposed to want a family? Or is that what society wants for the woman? And when the woman does have the family, isn’t she supposed to focus solely on them and wait idly by ready to jump at a moment’s notice for someone to need her? I once read “Women think that survival depends on conformity. But for some women conformity is death. It’s a death to the soul”. The way I see it, it may be a man’s world, but the women run it….and the household.


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