Guidelines for making a request

Sometimes rules or should I say guidelines need to be put in place for those that just don’t have any manners. For quit some time now I have ignored the fact that I get so many odd requests from people. I thought that it was just going to be an occasional thing…until it wasn’t. So now for the sake of my sanity I am going to explain the following things that Legendary Style will NOT do. Here we go…
1. Do not send me a picture of a dress that is $5000 asking me to make it for you for $50 because you saw Rihanna wearing it and you HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! What you can do is ask me to make a one of a kind for you and we can work around your budget.
2. If you see I’ve already got a model that has done a photo shoot in my clothing, do not contact me asking if you can do a shoot in the same outfit because you think I could use a better looking model in it. What you can do is ask if I need a model for any up coming events and email me your photos or a link to your web site for consideration.
3. If you are a model and want something to wear in your next photo shoot, do not email me asking me to make you something to wear for free. What you can do is ask me to make a custom outfit for you and we can agree upon a price or you can ask if I need anyone for a photo shoot.
I don’t mean to be rude but there are so many people that don’t respect small business owners and that needs to change.


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