Monday, July 29, 2013

Make-Up Monday: Royal Care Cosmetics

          When one has a love for make up like I do, you tend run into what I like to call, Girly Make up Problems. Now these problems aren't life altering or anything. However, I wish all of life's problems were this easy. 

1. You sit down to do your make up and you realize you don't have a single clean brush on hand.
2. You go out to purchase the latest and greatest make up brushes your fav Beauty Guru was using on YouTube, only to come to the conclusion...Brushes can be pretty expensive.
3. You want to buy said brushes but Uh-Oh, you spend a good amount of your money on make up there for problem #2. comes back to bite you!

Well, leave it to me to find some pretty awesome brushes at an AFFORDABLE price. Yes I said it, AFFORDABLE!! I heard a few people talk about this company so I decided to try them out myself…. because yes I get tired of not having clean make up brushes dammit!!!

Anyway, the company is Royal Care Cosmetics. I purchased the “Professional 12 piece make up brush set”. The site says the brushes are originally $23.95. I got them for $14.99 and now they are $15.95. I think it’s one of those companies that always have a “sale” going on. In the 12-piece set I received one of the following…
Big Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Big Blending Brush, Flat Eyeshadow Brush, Small Blending Brush, Angled Soft Brush, Round Blending Brush, Double Ended Powder Brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush, Eyeliner Brush and Lip Brush

         I personally call some of the brushes different names than RC does on their web site. For instance I would call one of the foundation brushes a stippling brush but who cares right, they are pretty amazing.

         So I ordered my brushes on a Friday and they were in my mailbox THAT Monday!! When I first got them, they had a weird smell. I washed them but the smell didn’t go away completely. That is my only major gripe about them. After using them for about a month now I can say the only problem with shedding that I have is from the big power brush. There have been a few hairs to come off of it but other than that….they have worked wonders! I kind of want to purchase another set to have back up.

As always try them out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Here’s to always having a clean brush on hand,


You can find these brushes HERE

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