A New Journey Pt 2

     Relocating is hard enough as it is but when you’re trying to reestablish your already new business in a whole different state it can become very unnerving. I can only compare it to being the new kid in school. It’s the middle of the school year and everyone is already cliqued up. You’re by yourself looking for a friendly face in the crowd hoping someone will take pity and flash you a smile or even better introduce themselves to you. Looking for industry people in a new town is much like trying to distinguish the different groups of kids in the school cafeteria. You’re goal is to be with the cool kids whom you really wanna know aka the high-end boutiques. But you have to weed through all the other groups to get there.

      As a business owner you always have to be careful whom you associate with. You really don’t want to fall in with the wrong crowd. Just like in high school hanging out with the wrong people is a waste of time.

     I’m glad I’m here thou. There is always an event of some sort-taking place. Which I see as another chance to network and show off my work. I’m really looking forward to Tampa Bay Fashion week. I was hoping to take part in it but didn’t get here soon enough to get in. There is always next year.

     In the mean time of course I’ll be working on regrouping. I’m on the hunt for a new assistant, models, photographers and stylists for hair and make up.

Here’s to being the new kid,


Tampa Bay


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