Make-Up Monday: August Glam Bag

Wooo Hooo it's that time again! Make up Monday! I've had my Glam Bag from Ipsy for a few weeks now and have had a chance to try everything out. I was really please with the products this month. Check out my thoughts below!

Product: Mica Beauty eyeshadow in Bronze (Full Size). I actually have  few eye shadows from this company.
I've used them for a while and have no complaints. It's a loose shadow with amazing color pay off.
It retails for $14.95! 

Product: Urban Decay Revolution LipStick in the color 69 (Sample). I am already in love with Urban Decay but this was the first time trying their lipstick. I have to say it was every bit as good as their other products I've tried. It goes on smooth, lasted all day and the color is beautiful! It's a pretty decent sized sample too!
This retails for $22.00.  

Product: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Sample). I can't stop using this primer!! I like a lot of people
suffer from oily skin. By the afternoon it looks like someone has been frying something on my forehead!!
This primer is now one of my favs!! I say one of because it's a tie with another primer I'll talk about later.
It goes on clear and gives my skin a matte finish.
This retails for $36.00.

Product: Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask by Michael Todd (Large Sample). I received a pretty big sample of this and it's not bad. I've read a lot of pretty good reviews about it but so far i haven't seen the results others have.
Some women claim to be less oily after using this a few times a week. I've had no such luck. I've used it twice a week for the past three weeks or so. I'll continue to use it because because it does make my skin feel really nice. Beware thou, when you first apply it, it does have a tingling sensation. It almost feels like it's burning but it goes away after about 30   seconds or so. It smells wonderful and looks just like you've smeared pumpkin on your face.
The mask retails for $34.00.  

Product: Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in blackest black (Sample). Can we say NOT impressed?!   Mascara is one of my make up staples. I can't leave the house without any on. I've seen this brand before and have always wanted to try it. Frankly there is nothing to review about this. I tried to apply coat after coat but my eye lashes still looked bare. I'd touch them and could see transfer on my fingers so I know it was going on but my lashes looked so plain, like I had nothing on them. I ended up giving it to my daughter and she says she likes it. She wears it to school everyday so go figure. I just don't see a difference in wearing this and nothing at all.
The "Lash Booster" retails at $17.00.

As always, if you decide to Subscribe or already have tell me what you think about it and what products you got!

Stay Glam,


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