Men's Fashion

     While we haven’t yet escaped the days of baggy jeans and long white tees, men have made a conscious effort to change their way of dressing. I can’t say who exactly is to thank for the evolution of men’s clothing but if I had to give credit to someone I would guess it would either go to the girlfriends/wives, Mothers or entertainers of the world. All of who has plenty of influence. Now I’m not saying ALL men are getting it right these day but we are getting closer to them looking more like they stepped off the pages of GQ and less like they just stepped off the block.

     When I think of men with style I always think of Kanye West. Not even he gets it right all of the time (can we say leather pants and kilt?) but he is a trendsetter among men.

     The release of Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie made it clear that fashion times are changing.  Besides, all men just like women should always have something nice on hand to wear. You never know where you’ll get invited!

     I LOVE looking at men’s clothing because I’m always looking for something new and stylish for my husband and sons to wear. However, I will admit while I love high fashion nothing makes my head turn like a fresh pair of Jordan’s. I can’t help it.

     I feel to each his own and if over sized jeans are for you that’s cool, but please fellas don’t forget a belt!

Keep it classy,


                                    Here's a little male fashion inspiration for ya!


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