Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Does Being Sexy Come With Age Restrictions?

     I love finding myself in a conversation with people who don’t agree with my views. Debating gets me amped! Especially when it involves fashion and beauty.

     Over the weekend I was at a BBQ. I was the youngest adult there so right off the bat you know my views are going to differ from those of others. Towards the end of the night the discussion turns to the topic of music and artists that we love. I of course being the die-hard Madonna fan that I am mention the concert I took my daughter to.

     That’s when it got good! The lady I was talking to (and never met before) begins to say, “Madonna needs to sit her old ass down.”
GASP!!!!! No not my Material Girl!! This led into women over a particular age that need to start dressing appropriately.

     Seeing as I’m nowhere near fifty and she was over 50 I was quite surprised that we were not on the same side. I personally feel that age is just a number. If you look good it doesn’t matter how old you are you should be able to wear what you want. With in reason of course. I’m not saying it’s alright to hit up the grocery store in booty shorts and 6-inch heels. That’s not cool at any age!! However people lose sight that clothes don’t make who you are but they do show who you are. What you wear represents you and your personality.

     Growing older is a gift that should be celebrated. Being fit and healthy is also a gift. So if you’ve worked hard in the gym or paid a Dr. to make you look like you took a dip in the fountain of youth then by all means show it off!!

     I salute the women in the 50 and fabulous club and even thou I’ve got a while to get there I’m gonna own it when I do. Sex appeal doesn't expired and there is no age appropriate dress code. Check out a few of my favorite women from ages 48 to 73 that still look good. 


Tina Turner

Sarah Jessica Parker

Demi Moore

Wendy Williams

Stay sexy my friends, no matter what age,


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