Being Able to Hear Colors


     Could you imagine living life in a world of black and white, or several shades of grey? I know I can’t. I saw this TALK on TED and was amazed at what this man was able to accomplish and over come with science. He went from being born color blind to being able to hear color. I’ve always been thankful for my sight but I never thought about being thankful for being able to see in color. I have no idea what my life would be like if everything was grey. My whole identity would be the opposite of what it is now. I would have never gone to school for Cosmetology. How would I have been able to dye someone’s hair or do their make up without them looking like a clown? Being a Graphic Designer would be useless. I would have failed the first day of Color Theory! And as for being a Fashion Designer… well that would still be possible but everything would come in black. It’s obvious that our senses help define who we are and in a way Neil Harbisson’s lack there of has helped define part of who he is. I thought his TALK about how he got around not being able to see color but instead hearing it was inspirational. I hope you enjoy it too.


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