Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthday Lust List

     My birthday is just a week away and like most girls I love birthdays. We love having a special day to ourselves and getting gifts. It may be the actual getting older thing some may have a problem with. Over the past few months I’ve come across some items I’d really like to have. So I’ve compiled a list of my top wants. It’s more for fun than anything (that and the chance my husband might get a glimpse of it). So here it is not in any particular order…

Katy Perry Killer Queen

A while back I sent away for a sample of this and let me tell you… I was floored. There are a lot of times there’s a ton of hype built up around a product then when it launches it’s nothing like what we had anticipated. So I was pleasantly surprised with Killer Queen. It has a floral, berry scent that’s light and airy. I fell in love right away. You can get it at Macy’s for $59 for a 3.4 oz bottle. 

Chevron Laptop Bag
I found this bag on one of my many Pinterest visits. It’s not only stylish but it’s functional too! At first glance I thought it was just a really nice hand bag then saw it’s an actual laptop bag. These range from $350-400 from Brahmin. Once I saw the price I immediately got over the sad fact that they’re sold out.

Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Booties

These shoes have graced many a web sites. I’ve seen them on Pinterest, Instagram and countless Tumblr pages and yet, I can’t find them on the Jeffrey Campbell web site. You don’t get much more bad ass than these and I want them! As if the spikes weren’t enough to make me lust after these but the way the girl in the photo paired them with her outfit is commendable. I only wish her social media was all up to date so I could ask where she got them.
Riri Hearts MAC Fall Collection

What’s a wish list that doesn’t involve make up and Rihanna? MAC put the best of both worlds together when they yet again teamed up with Rihanna and launched the Riri Hearts MAC Fall Collection and it’s no surprise that it’s pretty much sold out… everywhere. There for it had to make my lust list because it may be a while (if ever) before I can get it. And I want it all. The whole damn collection.

Beauty Sleep Romper

What girl doesn’t want something pretty and soft to sleep in? I know I do. This romper from Frederick’s of Hollywood is both naughty and nice. I just love the blue and white. However, all they have left in stock are the Plum and Black. Still at only $36 I’m not complaining.
Goonies Mug
     So I have a love affair with lots of things. Two in particular are 80’s flicks and coffee. Looks like I found yet another best of both worlds with this awesome mug from Goonies! Totally worth the $12 at Urban Outfitters.

                                                 Take Me To Brazil Eye Shadow Palette

     My make up obsession sometimes takes over my life. Who can blame me when BH Cosmetics comes out with such beautiful palettes with wild colors like the Take Me To Brazil Palette! The packaging is fabulous and the colors are amazingly vivid. Right now  you can get it for only $10!!

FujiFilm Insta Max 8

     When I was a kid my family and I traveled A LOT! I remember us taking pictures all of time with a Polaroid camera. So when I saw this new version of Polaroid from Fujifilm I realized I have to have it!! It still operates the same as the old school version with a few upgrades. For starters it comes in several cute colors and you’re able to adjust the brightness of your pictures. I have noticed the cost varies depending on the color and retailer but it’s any where from $59.99-70.00. 

Well that's it for my list. I know it's completely random but hey that's me. If you're a Scorpio and have an upcoming birthday or it just past be sure to share what you got and what you want.


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