Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fabric Hunt

Prepare yourself for a mini rant.

   As a fashion designer one annoyance I have is searching for fabric. It can’t be just any old run of the mill fabric; it has to be just right. I really do care about what my customers are getting. I unfortunately have not found any great fabric stores here and have been told by many people I need to go to Miami for the good stuff. In the mean time before I make that trip I’ve been hitting up my usual online fabric stores.

   Since I cannot physically be there I have always appreciated a good fabric swatch. I like to see and feel before buying. However, I was a little taken back the other day when I was ordering swatches and my fav store has raised their prices on swatches. I used to pay 50 cents a swatch now they are $1 each and $5 for mailing!! REALLY?! $1 for a square of something I can’t use? I understand employees need to get paid and things like that but damn by time I get done picking several swatches I could have placed a whole order. The $5 shipping fee would make sense if the swatches were being mailed priority but they’re not.

   Not all companies do this so it makes me wonder if this particular fabric store is just trying to get over on the consumers.

   This was just my little rant. At times we all need to blow a little steam. If any of you know of any really good fabric companies be sure to let me know.

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