Friday, January 10, 2014

My Love of Fashion

   Growing up I wasn’t very stylish. Most of my clothes came from the thrift store (which wasn’t cool back then like it is now). Being a kid I didn’t have a say so on what I wore. When I became a teenager and had more freedom I mainly stuck to the fads and when one trend changed so did I. I was really shy and down on myself, I didn’t want to stand out, I wanted to fit in. I was the complete opposite of who I am now.

   I think I tried just about every trend of the 90’s. I went from Saved By The Bell preppy to TLC baggy. Here’s a horrible but true fact… in middle school I used to wear Cross Colors with combat boots. In high school is when I went through my I just wanna be cool phase so I wore track suits all the time. It didn’t stop there, my sneakers had to match the track suit and so did the cover to my beeper LOL

   I finally learned not to let my clothes define who I am. I still love to keep up with the trends; I’m just better at choosing which ones to wear. If it looks good on me then I’ll rock it. If not, then I won’t.

   I didn’t get into fashion until later on in life. There are a lot of things and people that inspire me. They inspire what I wear and some times even inspire what I design. Over the next several months I’ll be doing a series on just that. I’m hoping to give you an inside look at my design process. When it’s all said and done I should have a new collection as well as revamp some pieces from my Alter Ego collection. Let’s see how this goes…



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