Monday, February 3, 2014

Beauty Fails: Permanent Make Up

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I myself wish I could wake up looking amazing every morning with no effort at all. I try many different things to make this happen. Some times I fail miserably. I call these beauty fails! I’m going to tell you about one of mine. If you happen to have experienced this for yourself please be sure to share.

    So my biggest beauty fail to date has been permanent make up (insert gasp here). Yes! I tried permanent make up. How did I get myself into that situation you ask? Simple answer… when I was in beauty school I wanted to try out everything we learned. I do mean EVERYTHING; from acrylic nails to waxing parts I didn’t know could be waxed. Dyeing my hair was my main weakness. I was every shade of a redhead I could possibly be. Once I graduated I still experimented with things every chance I got.

    One of my friends at the time decided after graduating she was going to learn how to apply permanent make up. Of course she needed a model for her final exams and of course I said YES. I agreed to let her do my eyebrows and my lower eyeliner.

    I had fun and got to be able to say I did it. Now with that being said, I’m glad that this was a long time ago and the ink wears off after several years. I decided not to get it redone. Permanent make up is awesome for some people but not for me.
I like to change up my look too much. One day I may want my eyebrows bushy and the next I may want them thin. If they’re inked into my skin I can’t change them the way I want too. If I dye my hair I may want my brows to match and if they’re permanent well then…they’re just that, PERMANENT. I do know some people that it has worked out for but again it just wasn’t for me. I’ll stick with tattooing other body parts and leave my face for cosmetics that wash off at the end of the day.


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