Gift ideas for the fellas

    It's what I like to call "Birthday Season" in my home. What that means is over the next few months just about everyone here has a birthday to celebrate. This week it just happens to be My husband, my son, my uncle and brother. Yes all within a week! Now even thou not all of them live with me (just my husband and son) I have to start getting creative with the gifts. 

    I'm pretty sure every guy has wanted to design their own shoes. At adidas they can customize D.Rose 4.5 shoes from heel to toe and even write their team name or personal nickname on the shoe. Creating a shoe that only they have is a pretty cool treat if you ask me! The mi adidas process is very simple, all you have to do is follow along with their guided steps to make your very own personal adidas basketball shoes (or even running shoes and casual sneakers if you like).

Tell me that's not an awesome gift every guy would love!


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