Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kardashian en Vogue

   Should Kim Kardashian get to be on the ever so coveted cover of Vogue? 
    It’s understandable Kanye wants the best for his woman. His love of fashion is no secret neither is his friendship with the queen editor herself… Anna Wintour. However, why should Kim get the cover? Is it because Kanye wants her to have it or is this something she really wants?

   Some people are on the fence. Some say she should get it while others are saying, “she’s just a reality star not a fashion icon”.

My opinion?
   I think Kanye needs to get the cover. Hell we all saw the episode of KUWTK when he cleared out her whole entire wardrobe and got her new clothes. Kanye is dressing Kim and molding her into the fashion forward woman she is turning out to be. Kanye is the fashionisto and I would love to see his crazy ass on a Vogue cover before his fiancé. He may be a loose canon and goes off at the drop of a hat but doesn’t he look good doing it?!

   As for Kim, I think she's beautiful and she has become a pop culture icon. All jokes aside, it would be nice to see her on the cover to represent the curvy women. we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 


  1. I love that you're speaking out about this and I do agree with what you're saying but these are my thoughts.
    I used to be a huge Kardashian Fan but not so much anymore, because I just don't think Kim is a good role model for young women. Should she get the cover because her fiance wants her to get it and because he's friend with the editor? I don't think so. But that's just my opinion. Kim should be her own person and not let other's speak on her behalf. Does she look better now compared to before, yes at times she does. But at the same time she's lost who she is in the process. Yes she does look like more of a fashion icon than she did before, and yes, we all know Kanye has style but that doesn't give Kim the right to be on the cover if she hasn't earned it.
    But then again, that's my opinion.

    1. Thank you for giving me your honest opinion. I think she is a horrible role model for young women if you look at how she got her claim to fame and has a new man every month. What I do like is how her mom managed to help the whole family make money with her business smarts. I don't think Kim should get the cover because of Kanye she should earn it herself and really want it but we all know it's not what you know it's who you know in a lot of cases. Also, it does seems she lost herself in the relationship. I even wonder if she is all that into him or if it's all for publicity.

    2. Of course, that's one thing I love is being blunt about what I think. I couldn't agree with you more, she is a horrible horrible role model. First of all she loves denying that's shes had work done but come on everyone can see she does not look the same anymore. She was much prettier before and the fact that she's always posting risque pictures isn't okay. She's a mom now she should have a little more respect for herself and her daughter not to do that. I am all about feeling empowered and wanting to flaunt what you have but she's going about it the wrong way. She just wants attention and that's not a good lesson to teach her daughter. The fact that she got famous for basically being a bit of a hoe-hoe is sending a bad message to all women. Yes I agree her mom was smart to make money of her daughter's. shall we call them indiscretions but now they're just over milking it. She has lost herself of so it appears and I wonder the same thing. She doesn't seem happy anymore, it seems like everything she does now is for publicity and fame. I'm sorry to say it but to me, it seems like she sold her soul for fame.

    3. The girl does love her attention. Anyone can see that. The thing is thou even thou they are milking their fame there would be nothing to milk if they had no fans. The reason they still seem relevant is because there are still people watching their show, buying their clothes & makeup and what ever else their pushing….I mean promoting. ;)


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