Tech week from hell: How to set up your own domain on blogger

So I purchased my domain name. Ya know because I want to show how much this blog means to mean and all that warm fuzzy stuff. First of all it took what seemed like forever but was probably more like 2 weeks for my domain transfer to go through. Once it did it took me a few days to figure out how to get the domain to show up on my blog.
I'm sure this is how I looked

After attempting to read all of the instructions and go at it alone and failing miserably I called my new registrar to have them walk me through the steps. Yeah the guy on the other end didn't know how to help me either and told me to call google.

Well damn the instructions FROM Google were no help so yeah there's that. What did I do you ask…
I googled exactly what I needed help with and BAM! I found this BLOG and the guys step by step instructions had my domain up and running in 5 minutes!!!

I wanted to send him a message of thanks and once I did I found out that oddly enough… he works for Google.

I hope this may help anyone that was struggling like I was and save a few computers in the process.


  1. Congratulations! Glad you got a domain! I like it! :)


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