Closet Envy

   When I lived in Arizona I’ll admit I was a bit spoiled. My house was huge and I personally had enough space to store my clothing and that of my clothing line. Fast-forward a year to my home in Florida. Even if I used every closet in the house I’d still need more storage. My daughters are suffering from the same problem I am. While searching around on Pinterest for tips on organization and storage for small homes I developed a huge case of closet envy. Look it up, I promise it’s a real thing!! So for the days soon to come for when we’re back in a house with the square footage we’re used to I’ve compiled 10 swoon worthy closets for inspiration.

All pictures are from Pinterest


  1. I am right there with you. Major Closet Envy. Those are my dream closets. B and I suffer from the same problem we don't have enough room. So I will look into Closet Storage thanks for sharing doll.


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