Friday, April 25, 2014

Goin to the chapel...

When I was planning my wedding 5 years ago I was so focused on the details. The accessories had to match just right. I wanted to not only feel like a princess, I wanted to look the part as well. 

My bouquet had to be the right size and perfect shades of pink. They are after all THE most important bunch of flowers I would ever have.

Which leads into the most important dress I would ever wear. Ahh the dress. The item that might just get more attention than the bride. Not on my day. I chose to keep it simple (but just incase I had a back up dress, yes I had 2 wedding dresses Ssshh).

The one detail thats kind of a big deal and most times out of your control is the ring. The symbol of your ever lasting love.

You spend months and months planning every detail of your beautiful day. You stress over making everything just right and God forbid not everything goes as planned. But once you walk down that isle and the man you love is standing there waiting for you… nothing. else. matters. You could be dressed in nothing but a bed sheet, no flowers, no ring and not a guest in sight. When your eyes meet everything else seems small and insignificant. Your wedding is only one day, marriage is for a life time. 


  1. Love the Lilly Bouquet those are my favorite flowers. Gorgeous accessories for a wedding.


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