Fashion Quote Friday: A City Girl vs A Nasty Gal

   This week’s fashion quote Friday is going to be a little different from the rest. Usually I pick some brilliant fashion quote from a fashionable person and then give my take on it. This week you’re getting two quotes from two awe-inspiring people. One that is very much real and the other real in our hearts with two completely different views. It’s the City Girl Carrie Bradshaw versus the Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso.

   First up we have the ever so fashionable Carrie Bradshaw. The woman we grew to love and whose clothes we loved just as much. Carrie came to us as a character on a show but dammit if we didn’t take her advice to heart and try our best to have life imitate art.

  “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw

   On the other side of the coin we’ve got self-made millionaire Sophia Amoruso the owner of Nasty Gal who just came out with the much-coveted book #GIRLBOSS. To think she went from dumpster diving to the mogul that she is now, it couldn’t hurt to take any advice she throws our way. 


“Money looks better in the bank than on your feet.” – Sophia Amoruso

   I see where they are both coming from. While money is important and we work damn hard for it but we want to see the fruits of our labor. So buying something nice for ourselves is ideal and makes us feel like we’re really working for something.

   Responsibly it is best to think about our future and put money aside for a rainy day. With a growing bank account it makes us feel like we are working towards something.

   So which one do I agree with? Both. In a way. You work your ass off to make your money so you should reap the benefits and buy yourself something nice once in a while. Don’t go broke trying to keep up with others. No matter what save your coins every chance you get before spending it on shit you don’t really need. Because one day you may really be in need. Is that new Prada bag gonna pay your bills?


  1. Speaking from experience and as a shopoholic, shoe-lover. I agree with both. I totally use Carrie's quote whenever I try to justify my spending habits to myself. But then again the responsible side of me comes out and I would have to agree with the second quote. You should invest your money in a way that will not only make it last but make it grow. But for shopoholic, fashionistas like me. That's often easier said than done.

    --Me And My Mini Me


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