Friday, May 9, 2014

How to lose hundreds of friends in one step

  I just broke up with a few hundred friends… no big deal.
By that I mean I deleted my Facebook page. Really it’s been a long time coming.
You see it nagged the hell outta me that friends and family used Facebook as the only means of communication. And I’m sorry but I’m the type of person that enjoys the occasional phone call to let me know you’re thinking about me. Call me crazy!

     Not only that but the random post from some chick you went to Sunday school with when you were 9 that used to put gum in your hair says she misses you and you should get together some time for coffee. Umm REALLY?!? You do know you hated me right?

     But I digress… my point is I’m tired of the social media game of “How many friends can I get to prove I’m somebody”.  It’s not about how many “friends” I have online. Its how many I have in my everyday life and the numbers are drastically different.

     I consider you a friend if you know personally what’s going on in my day-to-day life and not what I let the world know via Facebook. True story: I got invited to an event by someone that I was close to at one point. She messaged me asking me to come out and support her… in Arizona. I politely replied that I would have loved to come out if it wasn’t for one small little detail… I left Arizona a year ago. Something you would have known if we were friends.  

     Social media has desensitized us to the needs of other people. It’s given us a reason to be lazy and not reach out to real friends and family. I don’t want the Facebook friend that “likes” my pics or comments on my status updates. I want the friend that picks up the phone and calls just to say hi. Yes I still call people. Conversations over the phone?! So, retro!!

     Facebook is a social media double-edged sword, it has enabled us to get our point across to large groups of people at once; Awesome! But it has also Caused a horrible lack of communication in family and friends; Not awesome!

     My page is deleted, for how long? I don’t know but It won’t be forever because realistically it could be bad networking practice as a business owner not to have a Facebook page. Then again there’s always Instagram… Which Facebook also owns. Well played Zuckerburg, well played.


  1. I applaud you for this. I deleted my facebook a couple years back and let me tell you it was the best decision I ever made. It was like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders and it was a great way to stop the cattiness and fakeness of the social media world. I'm like you, I don't like people to act fake on social media and to only talk to you when they're on there. I enjoy the phone call as well, so looks like we're both crazy lol.

    Anyways, Happy Almost Mommy's Day!

    --Me And My Mini Me

    1. Thanks! Ok quick question… Without Facebook how do you keep up with your blog followers?


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