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     First introduced to us in 1792 the overall with the “bib and brace” were originally used to protect clothing. Over the years they became a staple clothing item for men and women in the work place. As time went on overalls turned out to be a go to children’s item. I know I wore them all of the time. When the sixties rolled around adults decided kids couldn’t be the only fashionable ones and they picked up the trend for themselves. Overalls stuck around for a while but like all good things they were phased out only to return with a vengeance! You can’t get too far these days without seeing a fashionista rocking a pair. I myself don’t take to too many trends but this is one I can get behind. Check out some of my favorite styles below.

Forever 21: Floral Shortalls

Ttilly's: Distressed Shortalls

H&M: Skinny Overalls

Charlotte Russe: Suspender Shortalls


  1. Omg funny you brought this up, my mom and I were just talking about this. I love overalls personally and this is exactly the type of fashion my mom and I wore when I was a kid. Total 90's kid. I'm so happy they're coming back in fashion, just wish my mom would have saved some of her adorable clothes from the 90's so I could rock them now. Great post and those floral print overalls are way cute.

    -Me And My Mini Me


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