Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Future of Cosmetics: Printing your own Makeup

   There are numerous ways we makeup lovers can get our fix. We've got stores like Sephora, MAC, Ulta and beauty counters in department stores… uh Macy's anyone? When we can't make it to the store or we want to take advantage of shopping in our pjs we shop online from the comfort of our own home.

Grace Choi

   Harvard grad Grace Choi wants to change all that for us. She wants to make makeup easily accessible, like make it at home easy. And I don't mean a Youtube tutorial on lipstick DIY. No, she's making it so we can print it at home with the use of a 3D printer. Too good to be true? Quite possibly but not impossible.

   To have the lipstick or blush color of our choice at our fingertips sounds amazing and convenient. Every makeup addict's dream come true.

   But at the risk of sounding old fashion, there's nothing better than going to the makeup counters and playing in all the products, having the cool chic at MAC make me over. Or the sweethearts at Sephora that hook me up with all the cool samples before I leave.

    Ms. Choi is a genius with an idea and dream of helping young woman. I'm definitely not gonna knock her for that. As a matter of fact I like her ambition and reasoning for wanting to create printed makeup. But if her target market is 13-21 year old women shouldn't the product be easier to obtain? After all $300 is a pretty hefty price tag for something thats supposed to make life easier. Than again we do pay the price when it comes to convenience.

Check out the article HERE and then come back and tell me what you think.


  1. I'm not sure how to feel about this honestly. Yes it would be convenient and the way the world is evolving this was bound to happen, only a matter of time. But I agree with you, there's nothing better than going to the makeup counter and finding that perfect shade of lipstick and eye shadow. While this is a terrific invention, $300 for it, I'm not sure I'd pay it plus what are the risks? But again, I'm a little old fashioned in that way too. Great article and thank you for sharing this.

    --Me And My Mini Me

    1. I wonder how many people are willing to pay $300 for it. I'm sure the cost continues to go up from there. You still have to purchase all of the materials to print it.


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