Thursday, June 5, 2014

3 Reasons Why You're Breaking Out

We all experience it from time to time. The dreaded break out. While some experience it more frequent than others a lot of times it can be avoided. Lets face it no time is a good time to have a zit. It can be quite embarrassing. We become self conscious feeling like a mini volcano is about to erupt on our face and everyone can see it but in actuality it’s not even that big. I'm here to help combat those break outs and keep all volcanic eruptions at bay no matter how big or small.

                                                         Reason #1: Sheets & Pillowcases
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When was the last time you washed you bed linens? Hair products and old make up can build up on your sheets and pillowcases causing dirt and bacteria to creep into your skin as you sleep. So do yourself a solid and change/wash your sheets often. 

                                                             Reason #2: Your Cellphone 
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I'm sure this one gets over looked and is the main cause of my breakouts. A dirty phone. Yes your portable bff is causing your face major damage. Did you know you cellphone is dirtier than a toilet? Yup now you wouldn't rub your face against your toilet would you? Use alcohol wipes to clean your phone and clean it often.

                                                            Reason #3: Makeup Brushes
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Dirty makeup brushes could be the reason your face is breaking out. Again dirt and bacteria build up on those pretty little brushes of yours then cause chaos on your skin. Clean. Your. Brushes. Not sure how? There are tons of YouTube videos that show you how.
Personally I get a bowl and add a little extra virgin olive oil and an antibacterial soap. I swirl my brushes in the mixture then rinse them off and lay them flat to dry. It’s truly disturbing to see how much makeup gets packed into those brushes and we just continue to use them. 

I hope this was helpful. By using these tips I hope you begin to see a lot less breakouts. 

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