Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Top 3 Face Primers

   A couple of weeks ago I talked about my favorite eye shadow primers. Today I want to share with you my favorite face/skin primers. I've got an oily T-Zone and I hardly ever wear foundation so it's important to me to have something to combat oil. So here are my top 3 face primers. 

What the company claims it does:
Foundation glides on and stays put! Infuse your skin with Vitamin E while minimizing the appearance of large pores and fine lines.

My Opinion:
This primer does everything its supposed to but it doesn’t give me that all day protection that I would expect it to especially for the price. It’s an ok product and I do use it if I can’t get my hands on one of the others. Would I purchase this item? Not for $29.

What the company claims it does:
Creates a perfect canvas for foundation application with its silky, lightweight blend of vitamins A&E, grape seed extract and green tea. It’s an oil free primer that reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores for flawless skin with a velvety smooth finish.

My Opinion:

Smashbox really knows how to deliver. I really do like how my skin looks and feels after applying this primer. It’s got pretty good staying power but by the end of the day I do have some oil showing through at my T-Zone. Still a great product thou. If you’ve got $36 to spend on primer this would be the one.

What the company claims it does:
Mattify shine with our invisible, weightless balm that leaves skin feeling silky-soft. Fabulous for mid-day touch-ups. Contains Vitamins A, C & E to help smooth away the appearance of fine lines.

My Opinion:
Notice a trend here? They all promise the same things. Matte, soft and reduces the appearance of pores fine lines. Out of all of them THIS is my favorite. Quick back-story… I was showing my line one night at a fashion show. It was a very long day and even longer night. A make up artist that was working on me that night introduced me to this primer. I was skeptical but whatever I rolled with it. I immediately noticed my skin looked amazing but since I’ve dealt with oily skin for so long I just knew by the time I had to go on stage and take my bow at the end of the night I was going to be oily and my make up was going to be a mess. I was so busy the rest of the night I didn’t have the chance to look at my make up until I got home around 3am. I went to wash the make up off of my face and to my surprise…. My skin STILL looked flawless. Ever since then Benefits and Dr. Feelgood have a spot in my heart. For $31 it is so worth it!!

What’s a face primer you can’t live without?


  1. I've been using revlon lately but I will definitely try these. thank you for sharing doll.

    --Me and My Mini Me

    1. What is the name of the one from Revlon? I would love to try it out.


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