Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chemicals and the Creative Mind

Disclaimer: While this post does talk about the consumption of alcohol and caffeine it is in no way tell you to go out and use it.

How do you get prepared to create? And when I say create I mean anything that requires you to be creative. Whether it be blog content, designing a logo, or drawing.

Do you have to be in a certain mood or do you create on the fly? For me personally I have to be in a certain mood and if I don’t create while I’m in that mood I feel that I may lose the idea that I have. Now I may get it back at a later time but the out come will be totally different.

I noticed that I do some of my best work in the morning. I’m not a morning person in the slightest. But after I came across this article I realized what was helping me churn out what I think is my best work.

The article I read explains how our creative minds are affected by the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and other substances. The gist of it is coffee tells our brain not to fall asleep while at the same time keeping us focused on the task at hand. Most mornings when I’ve got work to get done and an idea to develop I sit down at my desk with a large cup of coffee. Which is when I feel I get my best work done.

The piece goes on to explain the affects of alcohol. Alcohol reduces our inhibitions therefore allowing us to express ourselves freely without getting hung up on things like grammar and feelings.

So in short alcohol helps us come up with creative ideas while caffeine helps smooth out the rough edges and makes it presentable. When you’ve got the time go on over and read it for yourself. It gives more details, has videos and an awesome infographic.  

How do get in the mood to create?


  1. I knew that about coffee but had no idea that alcohol helps you be more creative. That is so interesting. Thank you for sharing this article

    --Me And My Mini Me

    1. I thought it was really interesting as well. I never believed people when they told me they were more creative when drinking. Go figure. LOL

  2. I am very similar to you in this regard. I also do my best work in the mornings and find that coffee really helps me along. A nice glass of wine helps when I practice Spanish on Rosetta Stone:). Alcohol and foreign language is a great combination!

    1. LOL Thanks JoAnn. Apparently I have been going about learning Italian the wrong way.

  3. The connection they're drawing between alcohol and creativity makes sense, but I've never experienced it personally. Drinking just makes me feel unfocused and sleepy.

    The connection between caffeine and focus, on the other hand, I experience every day. :)

    Some people like creating as soon as they get out of bed, before they've totally woken up. I think this technique is similar to the alcohol technique; if you're still in a dream-state, your brain is still making associations between random things, and you're not feeling typical inhibitions yet.

    1. I personally like creating at night. I wake up in middle of the night with what i think are pretty good ideas. However, i have the most focus in the morning thou.

      I like the thought of being in a dream state. It makes sense too.


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