Saturday, July 5, 2014

For The Music Makers

  There are a lot of people that not only love music but it is their career or they dream of it being their career. My husband is one of them. He loves to make music and I feel that one day he’ll be able to quit his day job and focus solely on his music. In the mean time there is a way for him and others in the field of music to make money with TuneCore.

   TuneCore music publishing administration helps song writers collect and generate royalties. Royalties can bring in a substantial amount of money for a songwriter. One example of someone that is benefiting from using TuneCore is a composer by the name of Brian Crain. His work has been in feature films and he still wasn't making as much in royalties as he should have been. Take a look at this article on Brian and find out how TuneCore was able to help him get the royalties he was missing out on without them.

   If you’re not a music maker yourself but know someone who is be sure to pass this information on to them.

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.

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