Monday, July 21, 2014

Make Up Storage Solution

Like a lot of makeup lovers I was suffering from a huge problem... lack of storage. I had makeup in very random places. Some in dresser drawers, some in plastic storage bins etc. The bins came in handy but my makeup would slide around and wasn't very stable in them. I seriously needed a solution for my make up storage.

My poor palettes needed a home.

One day I was at Joann's buying fabric. I don't know about you but when I'm there I have to walk around the whole store and I'm glad I did this particular day. I came across these really cool looking storage bins. They are called ArtBin Double Deep Super Satchels. Whew! What a mouth full. Anyway they are/were expensive in my opinion but thankfully there was a sale going on. They were made to store art supplies but isn't that what makeup is after all? Anyway, I got 2 of them You'll see below there is a wide square one that cost me $20 and a long rectangle one that was $15. I love these bins because they are really durable, have handles and best of all they have compartments! Each bin comes with dividers that you can use to your liking. In the large bin I've only made 2 sections, 1 for large palettes and 1 for small ones.

Now they're safe with room for more.

This can be put away just about any where. 

In the long bin I use all four compartments. They're separated by lip stuff (lipstick, gloss & balms), eye makeup (primers, liners & mascara), Random things & pencils) and face make up (compacts. bronzer, blush etc.) The bins are really deep so they hold a lot! It just goes to show that its always good to check out the whole store instead of just getting what you came for and leaving. 

Gotta love dividers.

Now if only I had a few more of these so I can get the rest of my make up stored away. These bins are great storage solutions but a little pricey even when on sale. 

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