Monday, July 14, 2014

New York Nights A Story of an Outfit

When I'm on Polyvore I find myself there for an obscene amount of time. I'll tell you why. Much like when I get dressed to leave the house I want to make sure my outfit is the best it can be. On Polyvore my sets are there for the world to see so I have to consider every single detail. On Polyvore I can have whatever I want in my virtual closet. But my love of the site goes further than that. When I'm putting together an outfit I get into character. I'm imagining where I'm going, whom I'm going with and whom I'll see. Oh yes, it’s that deep! 

 This outfit would be worn for a night out in New York with my girls. We would grab a late dinner at TAO while we laugh, sip sake and completely lose track of time. We're a bit tipsy but coherent as we flag a taxi. The night is young and we're looking for good music and a taste of nightlife that only New York can offer.  Next stop... 1OAK. While there we have a few drinks, spot a few celebrities but we're too into our own world to give them a 1st or 2nd thought. My worn off lipstick and aching feet are signs its time to go. We end the night in a volley of hugs and promises to do it again soon. As I hurry off to soak my feet I can't help but smile to myself as I reflect on the night I just had and how great I look. 

Going Out


  1. OBSESSED!! I just love this look, it's so beyond fab and totally my style.

    --Me And My Mini Me

    1. LOL Thank you. It took me a while to put this together. I wish it was mine!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I appreciate you!! I love your blog!!! I heard of Polyvore but haven't checked it out yet. Now I want to check it out after reading this post! :)))

    Enjoy your evening!

    1. No problem at all. I enjoyed reading your blog. Polyvore is a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by.


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