Friday, September 5, 2014

Pin Up Style Swap with Me and My Mini Me

Last month I did a Date Night Style Swap with my fashion soul mate from the blog Me and My Mini Me. Well we're at it again. This time we're bringing you all kinds of Pin Up goodness! 

A Pin Up girl is a beautiful woman whose photo is to literally be Pinned Up on a wall. This fact comes into play when the Pin Up girl was used to boost the morale of soldiers in World War II. One of the most notable pin ups is Betty Grable. It’s assumed the term “Betty” used when describing a pretty girl is because of Ms. Grable. While its safe to say the Pin Up girl was introduced years ago history repeats itself and the style is now to be considered “Vintage”.

Betty Grable
In this Style Swap we decided to bring you our take on the modern Pin Up Girl. Go here to see the full details from Me and My Mini Me’s outfit choices.

Me and My Mini Me

Me and My Mini Me

When I think Pin Up girl the first thing that comes to mind are bold red lips and dramatic cat eye just a couple of things needed to pull the look off.

There are two sides to the Pin Up girl… sexy and edgy, sweet and sassy. I’ve got a look for each!

Pin Up Style 1

Pin Up Style 2

I have to say that the Pin Up era is my all time favorite. Its not just the clothes that I love it’s the confidence that is exuded when wearing them. I am a believer that confidence is beauty.


  1. I had such a blast doing this style swap with you my love. We are total fashion soul mates! I really love that you gave a back story on our favorite era and I can't wait to do many more style swaps! Happy Friday lovely

    --Me And My Mini Me

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, that red-and-white-polka-dot dress!!! DIVINE!! I can't really wear red anymore thanks to my pink hair, but I'd take in in sky blue, lemon yellow or mint green in a heartbeat! <3 You have such fab style girl. Love it.

    1. Isn't it fabulous?! I love your pink hair so I think it's worth it not to wear red!


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