Saturday, October 11, 2014

Blogtober14 Day 11: If I Were President

While I have no interest in being president I have dabbled with the thought of world domination (Pinky and the Brain anyone).  It is hard enough running a household I couldn’t imagine running a whole country but What If I Were President?

First order of business…

Eminem will be the White House entertainment every weekend while I’m in office.

Bobby Flay will be my personal chef.

David Bromstad will be my decorator.

Now for the people….

Everyone will have affordable healthcare. Not sure how that happens but work it out!

On Wednesdays everyone will wear pink.

Bullies will have to hand write a nice letter to the person/s they bullied telling them how awesome they are and beg for their forgiveness. Then stand in the most populated part of their town with a poster around their neck that says, “I’m a bully and need a hug.”

Michael Jackson’s “Off the wall” will be played every Friday at noon in every work place letting everyone know the week is over.

Scratch that last one. It will play at 5pm on Thursdays because Friday workdays are cancelled.

All moms get a babysitter for FREE one night a week any night of their choosing.

Husbands are required to do something nice for their wives every month or be forced to watch a Real Housewives franchise for a full season.

There will be a national The Vampire Diaries Day. No work or school just Vampire Diaries all day followed by a Mystic Falls inspired ball minus the killing.

This I declare. Or something like that. What would be your first order of business as president?

 Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I love your point about bullies having to give their victims a hand written letter. I was bullied so much throughout my schooling and I don't think I ever received an apology from anyone.

    Katie Petty

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. I was bullied too when i was younger. It is a horrible experience.

  2. Everyone should have to wear pink on Wednesdays! Damn, I'm so annoyed i didn't think of that! Great list though :)

  3. Yes for canceled Fridays! Great list!


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