Blogtober14 Day 25: My Favorite Books

Ever since I was a kid I always used books as a way to escape the real world. I can sit down with a good book for hours on end and not have a care in the world. My oldest daughter takes after me. A lot of times one of us will read a book, pass it on to the other when we’re done and then talk for days about our favorite parts. Not everyone in the house shares our love of books so we basically drive everyone in the house crazy. We have so many books we ended up running out of room on our shelves and had to turn our linen closet into our home library and find another place for our linens.

To chose just one book as my favorite would be impossible but there is one that I really like and is on the top of my list. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes I know how cheesy right? Follow me on this one. I am supportive of any woman that is unhappy with her life and goes to great lengths to make her own way. For me this book was all about
self-empowerment. Based on real events in her life Elizabeth Gilbert struggled with decisions that a lot of women do. Does she focus on her career or put it on hold to give her husband the children that he wants.

Society puts a lot on women without even knowing it at times. It inadvertently puts the thought in girl’s heads from a young age that they should grow up, get married and have children. That isn’t what every girl wants thou and that is what Gilbert proves in this book of self-discovery that takes place in Italy, India and Indonesia. This book is a must read for all women. If you’re not one for reading then the movie is pretty good too.  

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  1. I love to read and I havent had time these days, which makes me so sad! My Kindle is getting dusty and my GoodReads list is getting LONG! :)


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