Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blogtober14 Day 9: Best/Worst Halloween Memory #TBT

Wow I had no idea participating in Blogtober was going to stir up old memories and have my skeletons come falling out of the closet. Today is day 9 our Best/Worst Halloween Memory or what I like to call Why I Hate Halloween.

Ok, hate is a strong word. Besides it never did anything to me. It all started back when I was a kid. It was Halloween a great Fall day in New York and I had 2 costumes lined up and ready for Tricks and Treats. I nailed it as the singing scarecrow in some awful play at school earlier that day so I was feelin good!  I had just come home from my first round of trick or treating dressed as a ghost and now it was time to throw on my She-Ra costume. Yeah, I was cool.

As I came out of my room, my mom was passing out candy at the door. My uncle and his wife had shown up, the plan was to go spend the night at their house after I was done getting candy in my neighborhood. Little did I know that night was going to change my love of Halloween forever.

A day of treats turned into a night of tricks. He teased, tricked, scared and tormented me the whole damn night! My life as I knew it had forever changed. With every scream or cry I made, he only laughed more and more. Until his wife told him to stop and I demanded he take me home. 

Ever since then I have only associated Halloween with fear. 
We'll file this one under "Scarred for life".

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. It's funny because as much as I love Halloween I hate hate hate being scared! Sorry your halloween experience was so awful!

    1. I am not a fan of being scared. I don't do scary movies at all!

  2. omg!! that is just plain awful! I'm so sorry!

    Ps you have word verification turned off, go to settings, posts and comments to turn it off!

  3. That's horrible! You need to do something to take back Halloween!! He does not deserve to wreck your holiday. And She-Ra rocks! :)

  4. Ugh... such a meanie!!! I'm loving your blog btw... I knew that my name-twin would be awesome! xx


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