If I Won the Lottery and Blogtober 2014

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I love participating in link ups because I get to find new blogs to read and I love seeing what other people come up with using writing prompts. This month I’m going to do my best to blog daily for Blogtober 2014 along with Helene from Helene in between and Tay from The Daily Tay. Today’s prompt is “If I won the lottery…”

Let’s get the responsible stuff out of the way shall we?

I would buy my dream home and a couple of cars. As well as invest the money not only into my clothing line but also in other ventures. I would also donate money to charities that matter most to me and most importantly set aside a college fund for my kids.

There now that that’s done on to the fun stuff.

Buy annual passes to Disney World for the whole family. Yes, I’m one of those adults that love Disney. I don’t bother using my kids as an excuse to go, I go because I want to and it is usually for Mother’s Day. If I won the lottery I would go several times a year whether the kids want to go or not.

While we’re speaking of going places I would travel to the following places… Italy, Greece and Spain. I’ve been practicing Italian for two years now in hopes to be able to speak the language when I do get to go.

Remember the house I said I would buy? I would have one room designated for just my makeup and closet and have it professionally decorated. To fill the room I would stock up on plenty of makeup and spend a pretty obscene amount of money on shoes. Louboutin’s anyone?  Yeah, I know I’m deep like that.

Well that’s it, here’s to hoping I win the lottery now. What would you spend the money on if you won the lottery?


  1. I totally love this!!!!!! I am right there with you, I love Disneyland/World like a kid loves cookies. Seriously I'd be there every day if I could, traveling is always at the top of my Bucket list and of course a makeup room and oversized closet would be heaven on earth for me. Love this!! Happy October 1st darling. One of my favorite holiday's is quickly approaching wohooo!!

    --Me And My Mini Me


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