Friday, November 7, 2014

Paula Dorf 2+1 Eye Brow Review

I’ve stated several times in the past that eyebrows are extremely important in your look. They can make or break your appearance. Skin type and weather where you live are just a couple of the factors you have to take into consideration when purchasing your eyebrow make up and coming up with a standard makeup routine.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the 2+1 for Brows and the Perfect Brow brushfrom Paula Dorf Cosmetics. It claims to give you the ability to “Create perfect looking brows that last all day.” In the 2+1 for Brows you get 2 colors and a wax to give you natural looking brows. You’re supposed to dip your brush in the powder then into the wax before applying it. 

There is a pretty good range of colors for to choose from Blonde (shown above), Neutral, Red and Brunette (the color I chose shown below).

I found that this product did not live up to what it promised. I used the 2+1 for Brows several times over the past week and was not happy at all with the product. The wax gave a very unnatural look to my brows. When I tried to use the powder without the wax it did not show up very well. One of the days that I did my makeup and used the product I left the house to go to the store. While at the store I scratched my forehead and then noticed eyebrow makeup on my hand. I immediately looked in the mirror in my compact and part of my brow was wiped off. It was extremely embarrassing. I have never had that problem with the other product that I use. The company says the product is supposed to last all day but it does not. In fact I am able to use my hand and wipe the product right off.

Unfortunately the 2+1 for Brows is not something I can recommend. The best part about the product is the eyebrow brush but unfortunately it is sold separate.

2+1 For Brows in Brunette after a few uses

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