Sunday, November 30, 2014

Update: Giving Thanks, Sick family, Indie Chicks and Youtube

   We all know that in the midst of doing things that we want to do for ourselves life happens and we have to stop and prioritize. We have to focus on the needs of others before those of ourselves.

   Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had sick kids, sick husband and now myself. Colds and bronchitis have been running rampant through my house. While I tried my best not to catch anything I got caught out in the rain will running errands for everyone else and managed to get myself sick. 

   We managed to have a nice Thanksgiving even with no one feeling quite up to it. We went on like business as usual and made the full holiday spread and enjoyed every bite and our time together.

   One thing I am extremely thankful for is I am now a contributor over at The Indie Chicks! I love the site and everything it stands for. If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I’m all about female empowerment so I feel like I’ll be right at home over there. My first piece goes up 12/10/14 but don’t worry you best believe I’ll be reminding you when the time comes. I feel this is only the beginning of many more great opportunities. 

   Speaking of new beginnings, I’m really loving the feed back I’ve been getting on my Youtube video I posted. I will definitely be posting more. I don’t want to commit to a set schedule just yet but as time permits I will be posting on a regular basis.  It was so much fun doing the 40 Beauty Questions Tag but I’m not sure if the whole channel will be strictly beauty related. I’m open to suggestions thou.

   Now that December is upon us I’ll be posting a ton of gift ideas, Holiday make up looks and outfits. I’m also participating in #BigBlogmasProject2014 along with a ton of other bloggers!! We’ll be bringing you awesome holiday posts all month long!

Stay Tuned,

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