Friday, December 12, 2014

Taylor Swift's Blank Space: Fashion meets Crazy


Lets face it any girl that’s gone through a bad break up and has been talked bad about by the guy can relate to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. It’s the age old story of guy pisses girl off, girl goes the hell off, guy makes girl out to be a psycho bitch, end of story. Well Tay Tay got the last laugh with her hilarious video and badass song.

   While Taylor’s acting skills are so good it makes me question her sanity for real I have to admit her stylist did such a good job the clothes in the video are making me over look the fact that she’s bat shit crazy.

   There isn’t an outfit in this video that I don’t want. Honestly Taylor makes me want to run and frolic about in cute shorts and long dresses. The song is awesome all by itself but I personally let the video play over and over again in my living room so I can fawn over her clothes. Watching the poor guy get his car smashed in is pretty priceless too.

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