Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Warby Parker at Home Try-on and Winter 2014 Collection

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                                                Top Left: Vaughn, Burnt Lemon Tortoise
                                                Top Right: Reilly, Sparrow Grey
                                                Middle: Oates, Revolver Black Matte
                                                Bottom Left: Jennings, Whiskey Tortoise
                                                Bottom Right: Laurel, Tea Rose Fade

   I don’t wear my contacts very often. I rock my glasses about 90% of the time so when it comes to picking out my glasses I like to take my time deciding on just the right pair. I have to make sure they won’t clash with anything I wear or any of my makeup looks and I definitely have to get everyone’s opinions on what I should get. 

   Warby Parker offers designer eyeglasses online. Recently I tried out their Home Try-On program. It was a lot of fun! The way it works is you chose 5 pair of eyeglasses and/or sunglasses that you would like to try on in the comfort of your own home. You try them for 5 days and when you’re done you simply ship them back and place an order for which ones you want. The really cool part is the whole entire process is free!

   All of the eyewear I picked out is from the Warby Parker Winter 2014 Collection. My personal fav out of the bunch are the Oates, Revolver Black Matte. What do you think?

I really liked the convenience of the entire process as well as all of the looks that are offered. If you’re in the market for new eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses be sure to check out Warby Parker.

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