Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Things You Should Be Doing for Healthy Hair All Winter Long

   Keeping your hair looking both stunning and healthy during the winter is one of life’s biggest beauty challenges. The constant, dry, hot air being pumped into your home sucks moisture right out of your tresses. It lead to all sorts of beauty disasters. This winter, go the extra mile to get your hair ready for the unpleasant weather.

1. Warm Showers, Not Hot
It probably feels great to hop into a steaming shower when it’s so cold outside. However, this is one of the worst things you can do for your hair. The hot water actually dries out your hair, causing it to be dry, staticy, and brittle. Instead, rinse your locks with lukewarm (or cold if you can stand it) water for shining, soft hair.

2. Wet Hair Quick Fix
There’s nothing worse than being caught in the middle of a snow or rain shower without a hat or umbrella just before an important meeting. If this happens to you, there are a few ways you can fix it. You should keep some hair maintenance products in your purse at all times, like bobby pins, a comb, and elastic bands. Throw your wet hair into a presentable bun or braid. Or, keep a travel size gel or hairspray in your bag and scrunch your hair with it to give that just-out-of-the-shower look.

3. Keep Shampooing to a Minimum
Washing your hair too often can actually strip essential chemicals from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. For best results, try to shampoo only just three or four times a week rather than every day. If your hair tends to get greasy after just one day, get talc or dry shampoo to keep it looking good without having to wash it.

4. Keep Your Ears Warm Without Messing Up Hair
When it’s freezing outside, your ears are the first things to turn bright red with cold. You want to wear a thick knit hat that fits closely to your head to keep them warm, but doing so would mean smashing your hairstyle. Luckily, there are other ways to keep your ears warm. Earmuffs are coming back into fashion and prove to be an excellent way to warm your poor ears. There are also headbands made from the same material as hats that cover just your ears so it won’t ruin your hair.

5. Get Regular Trims
Trimming your hair in winter is essential to its health. Normally, you should trim your hair every three months, but sometimes winter necessitates an earlier trip to the salon. If it seems like your hair is drying out and becoming brittle sooner than the three month mark, you should get it trimmed right away.

6. Dealing with Static from Scarves
A scarf is a wonderfully warm fashion accessory during the winter. However, when your hair rubs against that scarf, it causes static electricity, which is both unattractive and uncomfortable. To help keep static at bay, keep your hair properly moisturized. Use only professional grade shampoos and conditioners, and perform weekly deep conditioning masks on your hair. For a quick fix, rub some lotion into your hands, and then rub the excess into your hair. It will weigh down your locks so that it produces less static.

7. Wear Hats
As this article points out, the idea that hats make your hair fall out is a myth. In fact, hats protect your hair from the elements, and you should wear a hat anytime you go outside. It will help protect your hair from the harsh, dry air and the intense winter sun. If hats aren’t your thing, wrap your hair in a cute, silk scarf.

8. Condition
Winter is not the time to go easy on the conditioner. Use copious amount when you wash your hair to keep it from drying out and becoming staticy. At least once a week, you’ll want to apply a deep conditioning mask to lock in as much moisture as possible and repair brittle and dry strands.

9. Avoid Heat Tools
Keep blow drying, straightening, and curling to a minimum in the winter. Heat already has a tendency to dry out your hair, but it’s made even worse in the winter. Try showering at night so that you don’t have to use a blow dryer and opt for other hairstyles. Look for tutorials on creative updos, scrunch your hair with gel, or try some braided styles.

10. Invest in a Humidifier
This may seem like an odd tip, since humidity usually means frizz, but in the winter, it actually helps keep your hair looking great. The humidifier will counteract the dry air being pumped into your home from your heating system, equalizing the moisture content in the air. It leads to smoother, silkier hair in the winter with less breakage and static.
Hopefully these tips prove useful for you as you look for ways to keep your hair beautiful and healthy this winter.

Author: Amber Brubaker


  1. Oh, the heat tools are a biggie. I have to try to remember to put on a thermal protector before straightening my hair.I agree not to do it all the time helps.Thanks for the tips!

  2. There are some great tips here, even for me.. a South Florida gal! ;)

  3. I love this! You have so much great advice that I never would have thought second about if I hadn't read this article! Sharing!!!

  4. I never would've thought about the humidifier but it actually makes a ton of sense! Thanks for the great tips:)

  5. That hot shower I took would explain the train wreck of static electricity in my hair yesterday. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Well this just makes me feel so much better about the fact that I am not a regular hair washer!!! lol :)


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