2 Outfits for Valentine's Day: The Sweetheart & The Anti-Valentine

   For some February 14th is a really big deal. It’s a day that symbolizes love. A day that hearts full of chocolates are eaten, flowers are delivered and teddy bears become more than just a kid’s toy. Valentine’s Day is a time when those that are single go on a hunt for someone to share the day and their selfies with. Our social media time lines become flooded with pictures of gifts and praises to significant others. These are the Valentine’s Day Sweethearts.

   For others February 14th is just another day on the calendar. A day that makes love look commercialized and forced. That makes the sight of a social media time line full of photos of presents and … sickening and fake. This person isn’t against love, they’re all for it. They just think it should be celebrated everyday. This is the Anti-Valentine.

   It doesn’t matter which category your in or even if you fit snuggly right in the middle of the two. I won’t even bother saying which group I belong too but I’ve got outfit inspirations for both of them.

   Whether you’re The Valentine’s Day Sweetheart or The Anti-Valentine be sure to dress up and have fun. If you’re single make it all about you. If you’ve got someone don’t forget to celebrate your love everyday.

The Valentine's Day Sweetheart

The Anti-Valentine

   Which one are you? Share with us down in the comments. We won’t judge you.
Keep an eye out next week; I’ll give you some makeup looks to go with each outfit.


  1. Great picks! I love that pink dress! We don't go out on Valentine's Day but, if we did....Thanks for the fashion inspiration!

  2. OOOOH! Black all the way! The pencil skirt and the ring. I'm in love. Thanks for my inspiration for date night with the hubbs.

  3. Love them both! Would you like to follow each other?:)



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