#GoCommando with Cottonelle

    There are certain things that can ruin a perfectly fabulous outfit. Right now I just want to address one of them. The dreaded panty line (insert gasp here). There are not many things worse than to look amazing and but have your panties show through your clothing.

   We can spend a ton of money on pretty undergarments but the prettier the panty the more they show through our form fitting skirts, dresses and white clothes. What’s a fashionable girl to do? Might I recommend you #GoCommando? Yes, I said it, commando, sans panties.

   Now I know what you’re thinking, that you don’t have the confidence to do that. I wouldn’t just tell you to do something and not tell you the best way to do it!

   To #GoCommando you need to be able to feel fresh and clean right?! Now we can with the help of Cottonelle. Their CleanRipple textured toilet paper and Fresh Care flushable cleansing wipes leave you feeling fresh, clean and confident enough to #GoCommando. Now you can wear your favorite outfit and not worry about that dreaded panty line.

   I’m always worried about wearing white pants or shorts but now I don’t have to worry about anything except spilling something on myself.

   Want to try out Cottonelle’s Clean Care line for yourself? Go here to get your free sample while supplies last.

This article is sponsored by Cottonelle


  1. Just because of the title, I had to read this;) I am loving that shirt and shorts combo. The color looks amazing on you!

    1. LOL The title is eye catching isn't it. Thanks Joanna!

  2. I have to echo what Joanna said! I don't know what I have the confidence to go commando, I think I would feel self-conscious all day :-)

  3. Love the bright outfit... Super cute! -- SC at http://www.samanthachic.com

  4. You look great! I will skip commando though.. ;)

  5. Okay first I gotta comment on how gorgeous you look! Work it girl. You look beautiful and fierce. Second you have some confidence love, going commando definitely takes guts. I don't know it I could do it. LOL

    --Me and My Mini Me

  6. Hell yeah! EFF UNDERWEAR!!!!! Also, those wipes are AMAZING! We use them in our home. I think they are pretty necessary when you have kids.

  7. Oh no to commando but, yes to Cottonelle clean care products!! You look great though! Heading over there to find out more.

  8. You look amazing! I am with you who needs underwear I hardly wear it. :)

  9. Lovvvve the TP aannd the outfit! You look amazing!!


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