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Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and the pressure to get the perfect gift for that man in your life is weighing on you. Whether this is the 50th Valentine’s you have celebrated together or you are simply ready to show your interest in that hunk you have your eye on, you will need a gift that matches the depth of your relationship. There are many options to choose from and the more personal you can make it to your specific guy, the better! Below you will find a few gift ideas that correlate with your current relationship status to use as inspiration.


Giving your crush a gift for Valentine’s Day is a great way to show you have noticed them. Find a gift that displays your knowledge of him, but try stay away from too many hearts and love notes for now. While it is completely fine to be confident and put yourself out there, you also want to avoid scaring the poor guy off. You are simply looking to create a spark for him to recognize. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • His favorite treat or drink.
  • A graphic tee with an image or saying you two have joked about.
  • Cactus or bamboo plant.
  • Treat him to lunch.
  • Movie or CD he has been talking about nonstop.
  • If you are feeling bold: a kiss on the cheek!


At this point you have started dating, so you know you are interested in each other. You can feel more confident in investing your time and money in a present that may cost a little more than those in the “crush” category. You now know him a little bit better too, so you can make the gift that much more personal and show him your commitment to the relationship.
  • Foamer for his breakfast drinks.
  • Skincare products, such as a high quality after shave lotion like this one.
  • Noise canceling headphones.
  • Tickets to an upcoming concert or sports event for his favorite band or team.
  • A nice wrist watch.


He has popped the question, you have said “yes!” and the happiest day of your life is on the calendar. This man has become your other half and you swear you know him better than you even know yourself. Valentine’s Day is a great time to show him the depth of your love not only for him, but for his individuality that makes him your perfect match. Consider getting him gifts that show you value his personal hobbies and style and you will continue to support them even after you are married.

  • New photography lenses and camera gadgets.
  • Handkerchiefs for the extra classy guy.
  • Leather briefcase or messenger bag.
  • A picture of the two of you for his office or apartment.
  • New leather jacket and gloves if he has a motorcycle (and even if he doesn’t!).

Your husband has seen you through thick and thin. Whether you have been married two months or 20+ years, you know he will always be by your side. Though you have probably spent many Valentine’s Days together, you still want to make sure this one is special. The longer you have been with someone, the harder it can sometimes be to buy them gifts. Try some of these gifts to relieve some of that gift giving stress.

  • Smartphone mount for his road bike.
  • Smartwatch to keep him up to date on the newest technology.
  • New grill or grilling utensils.
  • New, updated versions of those favorite shoes, pants, or hat that are worn but he refuses to throw out! This is really a gift for both of you.
  • Essentials are always good. Think boxers and socks.
  • An exciting trip! There is nothing like a great getaway to keep the romance alive. Think of all the places you may have talked about going but have yet to visit, or go back to a place that meant a lot to you at the start of your relationship. Second honeymoons are always encouraged.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be added to the list of holidays where you stress over what to buy that special someone. Look through these suggestions (including lists that precede your current relationship status) to find gifts that will show your man you know him better than anyone and make this fun holiday one for the books.

Author: Alyssa Craig

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  1. I love these ideas. If I had a man in my life these would definitely come in handy.

    --Me and My Mini Me


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