Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Cindy Crawford's Un-retouched Photo is Good for all of us

   An unaltered photo of Cindy Crawford has been making its rounds on the Internet and making us all feel a little better about ourselves. The photo is from a Marie Claire shoot from 2013 but was leaked last week. It shows the 48-year-old supermodel in all her natural beauty flaws and all.

 So what’s the big deal about a picture you ask?

   In our minds we believe the models on magazine covers look that way in real life. Smooth, amazing skin and perfectly sculpted bodies. We have an unhealthy misconception of what’s real and what’s heavily airbrushed. Photo shop can be a very dangerous thing for young girls with self-image issues.

   How can we convince our daughters they are beautiful when they are comparing their selves to what they see in magazines and on line?

   Plenty of us have talked about this before but until we start seeing more changes we have to keep bringing it up. Seeing Cindy Crawford looking as beautiful as ever and still having a few flaws that would otherwise be hidden by Photoshop helped us all feel a little bit more comfortable in our skin.

What are your thoughts on heavily edited photos in magazines?


  1. Heavily edited images gives us a completely unattainable and unrealistic idea of how we should look. I love that picture! She looks amazing.

  2. Heavily edited images make me feel like I will never measure up but the truth is if I was photoshopped, I'd look just as flawless!

  3. Thank you for sharing this post. She is beautiful in her natural form.

  4. I think all bodies in any form should be celebrated.

  5. They are unrealistic! She looks like most of us do. It's definitely hard to be you best cheerleader, but you have to be. We need to set realistic views in our daughters, that I do agree

  6. I am happy to see a real woman with real flaws. It's much more relatable for me and...not gonna lie...makes me feel better about my own imperfections.


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