Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dress up any outfit with a Statement Necklace

   Some days we don’t want to put much effort or thought into our outfits. We want to look good but that can be very time consuming and may not always have hours to find just the right thing to wear. My go to outfit is plain and simple… during the day it’s jeans, a  t-shirt and apair of sneakers. However, there are times when I need to make a quick change for a night out or meeting up with friends for drinks. When going home to change into a whole new outfit isn’t doable the next best thing is to dress up what I’m already wearing. My best advice to you is to thrown on a pair of high heels and a gorgeous statement necklace and you can never go wrong.

Statement necklaces


  1. OMG.. of course I would want the one that is 1k ;) haha

  2. I'm all about this look! Love your picks!


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