Rekindle your Love of Water with the New #DASANIdrops

   I will admit that I do not like drinking water. I secretly wish I could be one of those people that is more than happy to drink their weight in water but I can’t even drink half of the recommended amount. It’s not for lack of trying thou. I have to feel like my insides are drying up before I will finally succumb to my thirst and end up guzzling as much water as I possibly can. Then to avoid it from happening again I will stick to drinking water for a few days and then when I forget the horrible feeling I felt just days before I go back to my bad habits.

   Well that was the old me the me before I discovered Dasani Drops Infusions and Dasani Sparkling water. The Dasani Drops come in fun flavors like Strawberry Basil and Lime that I can add to my water to enhance the taste. So it feels more like a fancy spa drink than a boring bottle of water. It’s unsweetened, naturally flavored and has zero calories. I especially like that it is small enough for me to put in my purse and not take up a lot of room. I make sure I have them with me to splash in my water when I’m out and about. It’s so easy just to grab something unhealthy when I go out. The Dasani Drops keep me on the right track. They also come in handy when I’m working out. I put a few drops in my water bottle to drink during my workouts.  

   If I’m at home and want something a little different than I keep the 
Dasani Sparkling water on hand. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Black Cherry flavor but they also have Berry, Lime and Lemon. It’s also unsweetened and has zero calories but it’s lightly carbonated so it’s got a little kick to it!

   As an added benefit I’ve also been able to get my kids to drink more water too because unfortunately they take after me and haven’t been drinking the amount of water they need to.

   I know that drinking water is good for me so I’m glad I discovered these Dasani products. They have really been helping me stay hydrated which is really important especially with the warmer months coming.

   Both the Dasani Drops Infusion and Dasani Sparkling water can be purchased at your local Target but for a limited time you can get coupons for these products on Target’s Cartwheel app as well as purchase them there.

 ***I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Interesting article. Dasani water is one of my favorites.


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