Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fashion Inspiration for a Nantucket Destination Wedding

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   Last week I showed you stunning attire that would be perfect for a Napa destination wedding. This week we’re venturing off to a new wedding location in fabulous Nantucket.  Nantucket is a beautiful Island in Massachusetts that would set an amazing scene for any wedding. I think beach weddings are so amazing and full of beautiful natural colors.

   If you like to keep it simple yet chic I highly recommend rocking a fierce jumpsuit. Keep it a solid color like white but make sure your accessories are colorful. You can’t go wrong with a nice statement necklace to really dress up a sleeveless jumpsuit.

Halston Heritage Celine Ju
   For a Nantucket wedding or any other beach/island location it’s great to wear shades of blue that make you think of all of the beautiful shades of the water. Blue is such an amazing color that comes in so many variations it can compliment just about any complexion.

Shoshanna Aquamarine Katrina Dress

   Stripes are also very fitting for a location like Nantucket. They are not only nautical but also stylish so don’t be afraid to grab a striped dress and pull on the accessories to dazzle everyone.

Halston Heritage Off Track Dress

   I hope you really enjoy the items I’ve selected that I feel are most fitting for a destination wedding in Nantucket. Don’t forget you can get all of these styles and many more at Rent the Runway. The best part about using Rent The Runway is you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on an outfit you may only wear once. You simply rent the item for the time that you need it for and send it back. It’s that easy.

   I’ll be back next week with another fabulous location. Where do you think it will be? Leave a comment below.

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