Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rant: Why You Should Take A Girl Swimming on the First Date

    Can we talk about something for a minute? I mean really talk about the bullshit articles I’ve been seeing titled “Why You Should Take a Girl Swimming on the First Date” followed by pictures of girls before and after they’ve applied their makeup. Now I see a lot of things run rampant across the internet that really irritate me and I usually don’t say anything about it but this right here… needs to be addressed.

   It’s shit like this that makes women insecure and feel that they have to wear makeup when in reality they only wear it for novelty. Articles like this are just insensitive and who ever is posting this nonsense has no  consideration or respect for the women being shown. Most of the time they’re using screen shots from the women’s YouTube makeup tutorials. It’s hard enough to film a video, as it is because you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see but to do it bare faced is pretty damn admirable.     

   So many women already suffer from low self esteem and poor body image they definitely don’t need some asshole taking cheap shots while hiding behind his computer monitor. I just don’t understand why it’s so easy to criticize women for wearing makeup and then single out certain women in these articles. Obviously it’s supposed to be for some type of entertainment but lets call it what it really is… bullying!

    There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup to enhance your appearance, make you feel good about yourself or just plain having fun. We’re sorry men that you feel tricked by our makeup sorcery but get the hell over it and grow up. When it really comes down to it and you're ready to settle down what are you going to be more in love with, the way she looks or the way she makes you feel?

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