Thursday, July 9, 2015

MAC Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment & Pro Longer Powder Review

   If there is one thing that can embarrass me the quickest it is my oily skin! I didn’t always have oily skin it just literally happened out of nowhere. The good thing is I don’t suffer from a lot of breakouts but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Not all of my skin is oily just the T-Zone. I start the day out with fresh clean skin. Some days I wear makeup most days I don’t but the results are always the same. By late afternoon my forehead is so slick and greasy it looks a mess! I’ve tried countless primers with no luck… until now. If you want to skip all the reading you can go here to watch my review on YouTube. 

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment

   A little goes a long way. I apply the Prep + Prime to my T-Zone and eyelids in the morning or before I put on my makeup and it dries quickly to a matte finish. The formula helps conceal pores and control oil. The way it was explained to me at MAC is this is a skin treatment. Over time of using it, it is supposed to reduce the oil in your skin and you eventually won’t need to use the Prep + Prime. I really do like this product. It does just what it is supposed to do BUT after a while I do start to see some oil peek through. However, it is usually later on in the evening when my day is done anyway and I'm not really shiny like I was before. 

MAC Pro Longwear Powder

   I don’t actually use the powder very often since I use the Prep + Prime. However, it does come in really handy at those times when I start to shine just a bit after a long day and I’m still out of the house. I also use the powder when I’m wearing a lot of makeup. It just gives me a really nice smooth finish to my look.

   Over all these are both great products that work really well together. If you suffer from oily skin than you definitely want to have these in your makeup bag!

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