Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Makeup Pusher

   I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now but I’ve been doing hair and makeup for 12 years. I love to do hair but makeup is a passion of mine. When I recommend a product it is because I truly love it and it has worked for me. One of the reasons I started blogging is because I always get asked questions about what I’m wearing or what I’m using.

   That is just what happened one-day when I was at the dentist office. A lady that worked there asked me how I got my eyebrows to look so good. As always I began gushing about my favorite eyebrow product. She wrote down the name of it and we went our separate ways.

   A few weeks later my husband went to the dentist and the same lady approached him and told him that the product I recommended to her was way to expensive and she would not be buying it any time soon.

   I don’t ever want anyone to feel like I’m pushing a product on them or that what I say is the end all be all and you should never try out something on your own. Hell I still read other blogs and watch YouTube videos to learn about new products.

   I do what I can to help other women and share my love of makeup with as many people as possible. I try to do it without being pushy or offensive. I also try to use high and low end products so you have options but there are certain products I consider to be my desert island products and I will never substitute them.

   I have a lot of fun experimenting with different things and I enjoy sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy it too.

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