Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy Review

    My nails are usually nice, long and healthy but all of a sudden a few months back they became the bane of my existence. They were short, stubby, weak, cracking and peeling. I had no idea what was going on because nothing had changed with my daily routine.

   I went on the hunt for anything that could help me get my nails back to the way I was used to them looking. I may not have known what was going on with them but I did know I did not want to get acrylic nails. They would be a quick fix but in the end would cause more damage than good.

   I finally came across Nail Tek II a nail polish that is made for natural nails. It is supposed to thicken and repair thin, soft and peeling nails. Nail Tek II is usually about $12.00 but I got it on sale at Sally’s for $6.00.

   The instructions say you’re supposed to apply 2 coats of the Nail Tek II, 2 coats of your regular polish and then another coat of Nail Tek II. Each day after that you apply 1 coat and then at the end the week take it all off and start over again.

   I personally did not apply as many coats because I found that it took a long time to dry and aint nobody got time for that. So over the past 2 months I have applied 2 bases coats of Nail Tek II, my color of choice and then 1 coat of Nail Tek II and left it all week.

   My results have been pretty good even thou I do not use it as directed. My nails are back long and strong again. The only down side I saw over the first month of using Nail Tek II is if my polish chipped my nail broke off where the polish had come off and last week my left thumb nail broke. I put a few drop of nail glue on it and it's still hanging in there. 

   I definitely recommend Nail Tek II if you’re having trouble with weak nails. I don’t know how long I’ll be using it for but right now it is my go to nail polish.

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