Friday, July 3, 2015

Trending Topics: Advice on #HowToKeepYourGirlHappy

   As always I’m on social media the other day, Twitter to be exact minding my own business (ok no I wasn’t I was there to be nosey) and what do I see? A new hash tag trending. #HowToKeepYourGirlHappy yes I kid you not. Now either this was started by some guy who pissed his woman off for reasons unknown to him or by some girl who got pissed off by her man and even thou she has told him countless times how not to piss her off he failed. I don’t usually participate in what’s trending but this one was funny and by no means offensive like other things I’ve seen so I posted a few responses that quickly came to mind. Then I figured hey why not do a whole blog post on the topic.  So I collected the responses I saw the most and put them in this handy dandy list for future reference. Ya know incase you need to subtly hint off at your man or leave it for reading material. 

Don’t Cheat – Now you’d think this would be a real no brainer but unfortunately it came up a lot… A LOT! I’ve often wondered why people (male and female) don’t just call it quits before moving on to someone new. An even better question might be why would you want to be with someone you know is taken?

Always have her back – This can fall under pretty much any category. A woman just wants the never ending support of her man. Have her back when it comes to your mom talking trash about her, when she decides to change jobs or if she wants to dye her hair purple just let her know you’re there for her.

Chase her – Not so much literally but… Even after you’re together the work is not over. Continue to pursue her. It will always make her feel wanted.

Show her attention – This one came up a lot just worded differently. Women love to be shown attention and it can be done in so many ways. Shoot her a quick text to let her know you’re thinking about her. Binge watch movies or a show on Netflix. One that came up the most on Twitter… give her a HUG! Yes! That was what I saw the most, women just want hugs.

Be the same person she fell in love with - Never stop doing what you did to get her in the first place. If you use to send her flowers, take her on dates or called her all the time KEEP DOING IT! There is nothing worse than falling for someone that you think is this romantic attentive person and then they get comfortable in the relationship and stop doing the things that made them fall for you.

Ask her how her day was – But here’s the catch, you have to listen to her answer and show her that you really care about how her day was. Don’t just be a jerk and walk away after asking or only half ass listen. It doesn’t count and it’s just going to piss her off.

Feed her – Another very popular one but hey a girls gotta eat. People bond over food. Not just eating it but over the process of making it too. So go shopping and grab the ingredients for her favorite meal and cook it together.

Pray for/with her – I only saw this once but it was one of my favorites and I feel every relationship can really benefit from this. If neither of you are very religious then find what speaks to her heart and do that.

Make her laugh – I don’t know about any of you but this one really hit home for me. Not having a decent sense of humor is a real deal breaker. If you can make me laugh and laugh with me then we’re gonna last.

Be honest – Another no brainer here but it got a lot of mentions. You know the old saying “Honesty is the best policy?” believe it or not it really is! When you lie you constantly have to come up with new lies to cover the last one and who the hell has time to remember all those damn lies?! Just be honest in the first place and avoid the stress.

   So basically what I learned from this trending topic on Twitter is there are a lot of lonely girls out there in need of hugs and tacos. If you’re not willing to give her what she needs someone else will. Of course we know relationships are not supposed to be one sided so ladies be sure that you’re doing things to keep your man happy as well.

What’s your advice on how to keep your spouse/significant other happy? Leave a comment below.

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